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            adipogen In Italia, Slovenia, Malta
Vinci-Biochem S.r.l.
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50059 Vinci (Firenze)
Tel. +39 0571 568 147
Adipogen Life Sciences
Alcuni aspettano le prime pubblicazioni prima di iniziare un lavoro, altri le fanno. Questi sono i tipici Clienti Adipogen.
It becomes more and more evident that there exists a close cross-talk between hormones and cytokines which are secreted from fat cells and immune cells sometimes triggering inflammatory processes. Adipogen International (AdipoGen) connects immunology to metabolism.
The Corporate headquarters is in San Diego, USA and the Operational headquarters is in Liestal, Switzerland. A motivated team of highly-skilled individuals develops and manufactures new products for the Life Science Research Market in the areas of cancer, immunology, inflammation, metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity), stem cells and neurodegeneration. A major focus is on innovative and advanced ELISA Kits. In addition to the antibody and protein facilities, AdipoGen owns chemical laboratories, enabling the company to develop new and innovative small molecules.
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 Prodotti Adipogen Life Sciences: Antibodies / Proteins / ELISA Kits & Accessories / Chemicals 1 / Chemicals 2
Chemicals 2
Product Size Code Data Sheet
Jasplakinolide (high purity) 50 ug AG-CN2-0037-C050 Data Sheet
Jasplakinolide (high purity) 100 ug AG-CN2-0037-C100 Data Sheet
JC-1  5 x 1 mg AG-CR1-3568-5001 Data Sheet
JC-1  1 mg AG-CR1-3568-M001 Data Sheet
JC-1  5 mg AG-CR1-3568-M005 Data Sheet
JC-10 (high purity) 1 mg AG-CR1-3600-M001 Data Sheet
JC-10 (high purity) 5 mg AG-CR1-3600-M005 Data Sheet
K-252a 100 ug AG-CN2-0019-C100 Data Sheet
K-252a 1 mg AG-CN2-0019-M001 Data Sheet
K-252c 1 mg AG-CN2-0097-M001 Data Sheet
K-252c 5 mg AG-CN2-0097-M005 Data Sheet
K777 [K11777] 1 mg AG-CR1-0158-M001 Data Sheet
K777 [K11777] 5 mg AG-CR1-0158-M005 Data Sheet
Kaempferitrin 1 mg AG-CN2-0039-M001 Data Sheet
Kaempferitrin 5 mg AG-CN2-0039-M005 Data Sheet
KBU2046 1 mg AG-CR1-0159-M001 Data Sheet
KBU2046 5 mg AG-CR1-0159-M005 Data Sheet
KBU2046 25 mg AG-CR1-0159-M025 Data Sheet
Kdo2-Lipid A (ready-to-use) 1 mg AG-CU1-0001-M001 Data Sheet
Ketanserin . tartrate 10 mg AG-CR1-0014-M010 Data Sheet
Ketanserin . tartrate 50 mg AG-CR1-0014-M050 Data Sheet
KN-93 (water soluble) 1 mg AG-CR1-0065-M001 Data Sheet
KN-93 (water soluble) 5 mg AG-CR1-0065-M005 Data Sheet
KN-93 (water soluble) 25 mg AG-CR1-0065-M025 Data Sheet
Lactacystin 100 ug AG-CN2-0104-C100 Data Sheet
Lactacystin 200 ug AG-CN2-0104-C200 Data Sheet
Lactacystin 500 ug AG-CN2-0104-C500 Data Sheet
Lactacystin 1 mg AG-CN2-0104-M001 Data Sheet
Lariatin A 250 ug AG-CN2-0120-C250 Data Sheet
Lariatin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0120-M001 Data Sheet
Latrunculin A 100 ug AG-CN2-0027-C100 Data Sheet
Latrunculin A 500 ug AG-CN2-0027-C500 Data Sheet
Latrunculin B 500 ug AG-CN2-0031-C500 Data Sheet
Latrunculin B 1 mg AG-CN2-0031-M001 Data Sheet
Ledol 1 g AG-CN2-0406-G001 Data Sheet
Ledol 500 mg AG-CN2-0406-M500 Data Sheet
Leucettine L41 1 mg AG-MR-C0023-M001 Data Sheet
Leucettine L41 5 mg AG-MR-C0023-M005 Data Sheet
Leucettine L41 25 mg AG-MR-C0023-M025 Data Sheet
Leupeptin . hemisulfate  5 mg AG-CP3-7000-M005 Data Sheet
Leupeptin . hemisulfate  25 mg AG-CP3-7000-M025 Data Sheet
Leupeptin . hemisulfate  100 mg AG-CP3-7000-M100 Data Sheet
L-Glutamine [H-Gln-OH] 1 g AG-CR1-3534-G001 Data Sheet
L-Glutamine [H-Gln-OH] 5 g AG-CR1-3534-G005 Data Sheet
Linagliptin 10 mg AG-CR1-3618-M010 Data Sheet
Linagliptin 50 mg AG-CR1-3618-M050 Data Sheet
Lipofermata 10 mg AG-CR1-3542-M010 Data Sheet
Lipofermata 50 mg AG-CR1-3542-M050 Data Sheet
Liraglutide 1 mg AG-CP3-0034-M001 Data Sheet
Liraglutide 5 mg AG-CP3-0034-M005 Data Sheet
Liraglutide 25 mg AG-CP3-0034-M025 Data Sheet
L-NMMA . monoacetate 1 g AG-CR1-3578-G001 Data Sheet
L-NMMA . monoacetate 5 mg AG-CR1-3578-M005 Data Sheet
L-NMMA . monoacetate 25 mg AG-CR1-3578-M025 Data Sheet
L-NMMA . monoacetate 100 mg AG-CR1-3578-M100 Data Sheet
Lopinavir 25 mg AG-CR1-3715-M025 Data Sheet
Lopinavir 100 mg AG-CR1-3715-M100 Data Sheet
Lopinavir 250 mg AG-CR1-3715-M250 Data Sheet
Lovastatin 5 mg AG-CN2-0051-M005 Data Sheet
Lovastatin 25 mg AG-CN2-0051-M025 Data Sheet
Loxoribine 5 mg AG-CR1-3584-M005 Data Sheet
Loxoribine 25 mg AG-CR1-3584-M025 Data Sheet
Luteolin 5 mg AG-CN2-0098-M005 Data Sheet
Luteolin 25 mg AG-CN2-0098-M025 Data Sheet
LY-294,002 1 mg AG-CR1-0108-M001 Data Sheet
LY-294,002 5 mg AG-CR1-0108-M005 Data Sheet
LY-294,002 25 mg AG-CR1-0108-M025 Data Sheet
LY-333,531 . hydrochloride 1 mg AG-CR1-0087-M001 Data Sheet
LY-333,531 . hydrochloride 5 mg AG-CR1-0087-M005 Data Sheet
LysoGlow84 1 mg AG-CMA-1005-M001 Data Sheet
MAC-545496 1 mg AG-CR1-0163-M001 Data Sheet
MAC-545496 5 mg AG-CR1-0163-M005 Data Sheet
MAC-545496 25 mg AG-CR1-0163-M025 Data Sheet
Macrosphelide A 1 mg AG-CN2-0152-M001 Data Sheet
Macrosphelide A 5 mg AG-CN2-0152-M005 Data Sheet
Macrosporin 1 mg AG-CN2-0497-M001 Data Sheet
Makisterone A 250 ug AG-CN2-0073-C250 Data Sheet
Makisterone A 1 mg AG-CN2-0073-M001 Data Sheet
Makisterone A 5 mg AG-CN2-0073-M005 Data Sheet
Malformin A1 250 ug AG-CN2-0169-C250 Data Sheet
Malformin A1 1 mg AG-CN2-0169-M001 Data Sheet
Malformin C 250 ug AG-CN2-0107-C250 Data Sheet
Malformin C 1 mg AG-CN2-0107-M001 Data Sheet
Manzamine A 500 ug AG-CN2-0438-C500 Data Sheet
Martinomycin 1 mg AG-CN2-0159-M001 Data Sheet
Martinomycin 5 mg AG-CN2-0159-M005 Data Sheet
MBIMPH 1 mg AG-CR1-3907-M001 Data Sheet
MBIMPH 5 mg AG-CR1-3907-M005 Data Sheet
MBIMPH F-Analog 1 . hydrochloride 1 mg AG-CR1-3908-M001 Data Sheet
MBIMPH F-Analog 1 . hydrochloride 5 mg AG-CR1-3908-M005 Data Sheet
MBIMPH F-Analog 2 1 mg AG-CR1-3909-M001 Data Sheet
MBIMPH F-Analog 2 5 mg AG-CR1-3909-M005 Data Sheet
MCC950 . Na 1 mg AG-CR1-3615-M001 Data Sheet
MCC950 . Na 5 mg AG-CR1-3615-M005 Data Sheet
MCC950 . Na 10 mg AG-CR1-3615-M010 Data Sheet
MCC950 . Na 50 mg AG-CR1-3615-M050 Data Sheet
Me6BIO 5 mg AG-MR-C0021-M005 Data Sheet
Me6BIO 25 mg AG-MR-C0021-M025 Data Sheet
Me7BIO 5 mg AG-MR-C0022-M005 Data Sheet
Me7BIO 25 mg AG-MR-C0022-M025 Data Sheet
MEGA-8 (ultrapure) 1 g AG-CC1-0007-G001 Data Sheet
MEGA-8 (ultrapure) 5 g AG-CC1-0007-G005 Data Sheet
Meglumine 1 g AG-CN2-0413-G001 Data Sheet
Meglumine 5 g AG-CN2-0413-G005 Data Sheet
Melanin Production Inhibitor A3B5 1 mg AG-CR1-3605-M001 Data Sheet
Meleagrin 1 mg AG-CN2-0451-M001 Data Sheet
Menadione 1 g AG-CR1-3631-G001 Data Sheet
Menadione 5 g AG-CR1-3631-G005 Data Sheet
Merafloxacin 5 mg AG-CR1-3756-M005 Data Sheet
Merafloxacin 25 mg AG-CR1-3756-M025 Data Sheet
Metformin . HCl 1 g AG-CR1-3689-G001 Data Sheet
Metformin . HCl 5 g AG-CR1-3689-G005 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-CHO [MG-132] 1 mg AG-CP3-0011-M001 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-CHO [MG-132] 5 mg AG-CP3-0011-M005 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-CHO [MG-132] 25 mg AG-CP3-0011-M025 Data Sheet
MI-2 [MALT1 Inhibitor] 5 mg AG-CR1-3661-M005 Data Sheet
MI-2 [MALT1 Inhibitor] 25 mg AG-CR1-3661-M025 Data Sheet
Miglitol 10 mg AG-CR1-3635-M010 Data Sheet
Miglitol 50 mg AG-CR1-3635-M050 Data Sheet
MK-571 . sodium salt 5 mg AG-CR1-0021-M005 Data Sheet
MK-571 . sodium salt 25 mg AG-CR1-0021-M025 Data Sheet
TEPP46 [ML-265] 1 mg AG-CR1-3687-M001 Data Sheet
TEPP46 [ML-265] 5 mg AG-CR1-3687-M005 Data Sheet
TEPP46 [ML-265] 25 mg AG-CR1-3687-M025 Data Sheet
MLN4924 [NAE Inhibitor] 5 mg AG-CR1-3703-M005 Data Sheet
MLN4924 [NAE Inhibitor] 25 mg AG-CR1-3703-M025 Data Sheet
MLN4924 Solution 1 mg AG-CS1-0103-M001 Data Sheet
MMG-0358 1 mg AG-CR1-3630-M001 Data Sheet
MMG-0358 5 mg AG-CR1-3630-M005 Data Sheet
MnTBAP chloride 10 mg AG-CR1-0133-M010 Data Sheet
MnTBAP chloride 50 mg AG-CR1-0133-M050 Data Sheet
MnTMPyP . pentachloride 10 mg AG-CR1-0026-M010 Data Sheet
MnTMPyP . pentachloride 50 mg AG-CR1-0026-M050 Data Sheet
Monosodium urate [MSU] (crystals) 2 x 2 mg AG-CR1-3950-2002 Data Sheet
Monosodium urate [MSU] (crystals) 2 mg AG-CR1-3950-M002 Data Sheet
Monosodium urate [MSU] (ready-to-use) 10 mg AG-CR1-3951-M010 Data Sheet
MOTS-c (human) 1 mg AG-CP3-0026-M001 Data Sheet
MOTS-c (human) 5 mg AG-CP3-0026-M005 Data Sheet
MOTS-c (K14Q Mutant) (human) 1 mg AG-CP3-0033-M001 Data Sheet
MOTS-c (K14Q Mutant) (human) 5 mg AG-CP3-0033-M005 Data Sheet
MPLA (synthetic) Sterile Solution 100 ug AG-CU1-0002-C100 Data Sheet
MS-1020 1 mg AG-CR1-3501-M001 Data Sheet
MS-275 1 mg AG-CR1-0032-M001 Data Sheet
MS-275 5 mg AG-CR1-0032-M005 Data Sheet
MS-275 25 mg AG-CR1-0032-M025 Data Sheet
MSA-2 1 mg AG-CR1-0164-M001 Data Sheet
MSA-2 5 mg AG-CR1-0164-M005 Data Sheet
MSA-2 10 mg AG-CR1-0164-M010 Data Sheet
MTEP 5 mg AG-CR1-0022-M005 Data Sheet
MTEP 25 mg AG-CR1-0022-M025 Data Sheet
MTSSL 10 mg AG-CR1-3573-M010 Data Sheet
MTSSL 50 mg AG-CR1-3573-M050 Data Sheet
Mubritinib [TAK-165] 5 mg AG-CR1-3755-M005 Data Sheet
Mubritinib [TAK-165] 25 mg AG-CR1-3755-M025 Data Sheet
Muristerone A 250 ug AG-CN2-0070-C250 Data Sheet
Muristerone A 1 mg AG-CN2-0070-M001 Data Sheet
Mycophenolic acid 100 mg AG-CN2-0419-M100 Data Sheet
Mycophenolic acid 500 mg AG-CN2-0419-M500 Data Sheet
Myxochelin A 100 ug AG-CN2-0470-C100 Data Sheet
Myxochelin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0470-M001 Data Sheet
N1-Guanyl-1,7-diaminoheptane [GC7] 10 mg AG-CR1-3702-M010 Data Sheet
N1-Guanyl-1,7-diaminoheptane [GC7] 50 mg AG-CR1-3702-M050 Data Sheet
N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine 1 g AG-CN2-0489-G001 Data Sheet
N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine 5 g AG-CN2-0489-G005 Data Sheet
N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine 250 mg AG-CN2-0489-M250 Data Sheet
Nafamostat . mesylate 10 mg AG-CR1-3731-M010 Data Sheet
Nafamostat . mesylate 50 mg AG-CR1-3731-M050 Data Sheet
NAI-107 [Microbisporicin] 1 mg AG-CN2-0307-M001 Data Sheet
NAI-107 [Microbisporicin] 5 mg AG-CN2-0307-M005 Data Sheet
NAI-108 500 ug AG-CN2-0308-C500 Data Sheet
NAI-112 1 mg AG-CN2-0309-M001 Data Sheet
NAI-112 5 mg AG-CN2-0309-M005 Data Sheet
NAI-802 1 mg AG-CN2-0310-M001 Data Sheet
NAI-802 5 mg AG-CN2-0310-M005 Data Sheet
NAI-857 1 mg AG-CN2-0311-M001 Data Sheet
NAI-857 5 mg AG-CN2-0311-M005 Data Sheet
NAI-97 [Planosporicin] 1 mg AG-CN2-0312-M001 Data Sheet
NAI-97 [Planosporicin] 5 mg AG-CN2-0312-M005 Data Sheet
Narciclasine 500 ug AG-CN2-0524-C500 Data Sheet
Narciclasine 1 mg AG-CN2-0524-M001 Data Sheet
n-Dodecyl-beta-D-maltoside (high purity) 1 g AG-CC1-0010-G001 Data Sheet
n-Dodecyl-beta-D-maltoside (high purity) 5 g AG-CC1-0010-G005 Data Sheet
n-Dodecyl-beta-D-maltoside (high purity) 25 g AG-CC1-0010-G025 Data Sheet
Necrostatin-1 5 mg AG-CR1-2900-M005 Data Sheet
Necrostatin-1 25 mg AG-CR1-2900-M025 Data Sheet
Necrostatin-5 (Nec-5) 5 mg AG-CR1-0049-M005 Data Sheet
Necrostatin-5 (Nec-5) 25 mg AG-CR1-0049-M025 Data Sheet
Necrostatin-7 (Nec-7) 5 mg AG-CR1-0054-M005 Data Sheet
Necrostatin-7 (Nec-7) 25 mg AG-CR1-0054-M025 Data Sheet
Necrosulfonamide 5 mg AG-CR1-3705-M005 Data Sheet
Necrosulfonamide 25 mg AG-CR1-3705-M025 Data Sheet
Nelfinavir . mesylate 10 mg AG-CR1-3726-M010 Data Sheet
Nelfinavir . mesylate 50 mg AG-CR1-3726-M050 Data Sheet
Neobavaisoflavone 1 mg AG-CN2-0498-M001 Data Sheet
Neoxaline 1 mg AG-CN2-0154-M001 Data Sheet
Neoxaline 5 mg AG-CN2-0154-M005 Data Sheet
Neuromedin U-25 (human) 1 mg AG-CP3-0031-M001 Data Sheet
Neuromedin U-25 (human) 5 mg AG-CP3-0031-M005 Data Sheet
Nexturastat A 1 mg AG-CR1-3901-M001 Data Sheet
Nexturastat A 5 mg AG-CR1-3901-M005 Data Sheet
Nexturastat B 1 mg AG-CR1-3902-M001 Data Sheet
Nexturastat B 5 mg AG-CR1-3902-M005 Data Sheet
NG 011 1 mg AG-CN2-0178-M001 Data Sheet
NG 011 5 mg AG-CN2-0178-M005 Data Sheet
NG 012 1 mg AG-CN2-0155-M001 Data Sheet
NG 012 5 mg AG-CN2-0155-M005 Data Sheet
Niclosamide 1 g AG-CR1-3643-G001 Data Sheet
Niclosamide 100 mg AG-CR1-3643-M100 Data Sheet
Niclosamide . ethanolamine 25 mg AG-CR1-3644-M025 Data Sheet
Niclosamide . ethanolamine 100 mg AG-CR1-3644-M100 Data Sheet
Nigericin . sodium salt 5 mg AG-CN2-0020-M005 Data Sheet
Nigericin . sodium salt 25 mg AG-CN2-0020-M025 Data Sheet
Nitazoxanide 10 mg AG-CR1-3723-M010 Data Sheet
Nitazoxanide 50 mg AG-CR1-3723-M050 Data Sheet
Nitazoxanide 250 mg AG-CR1-3723-M250 Data Sheet
Nocardamine 1 mg AG-CN2-0150-M001 Data Sheet
Nocardamine 5 mg AG-CN2-0150-M005 Data Sheet
Nocodazole 5 mg AG-CR1-0019-M005 Data Sheet
Nocodazole 10 mg AG-CR1-0019-M010 Data Sheet
Nocodazole 25 mg AG-CR1-0019-M025 Data Sheet
Nocodazole 50 mg AG-CR1-0019-M050 Data Sheet
n-Octyl-beta-D-thioglucopyranoside (ultrapure) 1 g AG-CC1-0005-G001 Data Sheet
NSC697923 1 mg AG-CR1-3519-M001 Data Sheet
NSC697923 5 mg AG-CR1-3519-M005 Data Sheet
NSC697923 25 mg AG-CR1-3519-M025 Data Sheet
NU6102 1 mg AG-CR1-0020-M001 Data Sheet
NU6102 5 mg AG-CR1-0020-M005 Data Sheet
NVP-BEZ235 5 mg AG-CR1-3633-M005 Data Sheet
NVP-BEZ235 25 mg AG-CR1-3633-M025 Data Sheet
OCH 250 ug AG-CR1-3593-C250 Data Sheet
OCH 1 mg AG-CR1-3593-M001 Data Sheet
n-Octyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside (ultrapure) 1 g AG-CC1-0008-G001 Data Sheet
n-Octyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside (ultrapure) 5 g AG-CC1-0008-G005 Data Sheet
n-Octyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside (ultrapure) 25 g AG-CC1-0008-G025 Data Sheet
n-Octyl-beta-D-thioglucopyranoside (ultrapure) 5 g AG-CC1-0005-G005 Data Sheet
ODQ 10 mg AG-CR1-3500-M010 Data Sheet
ODQ 50 mg AG-CR1-3500-M050 Data Sheet
Okadaic acid (high purity) 25 ug AG-CN2-0056-C025 Data Sheet
Okadaic acid (high purity) 100 ug AG-CN2-0056-C100 Data Sheet
Okadaic acid (high purity) 1 mg AG-CN2-0056-M001 Data Sheet
Okadaic acid . ammonium salt (high purity) 25 ug AG-CN2-0058-C025 Data Sheet
Okadaic acid . ammonium salt (high purity) 100 ug AG-CN2-0058-C100 Data Sheet
Okadaic acid . potassium salt (high purity) 100 ug AG-CN2-0060-C100 Data Sheet
Okadaic acid . sodium salt (high purity) 25 ug AG-CN2-0062-C025 Data Sheet
Okadaic acid . sodium salt (high purity) 100 ug AG-CN2-0062-C100 Data Sheet
Okadaic acid . sodium salt (high purity) 1 mg AG-CN2-0062-M001 Data Sheet
Oleacein 5 mg AG-CN2-0535-M005 Data Sheet
Oleocanthal 5 mg AG-CN2-0537-M005 Data Sheet
Oleuropein 25 mg AG-CN2-0538-M025 Data Sheet
Oligomycin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0517-M001 Data Sheet
Oligomycin A 5 mg AG-CN2-0517-M005 Data Sheet
Oligomycin A 10 mg AG-CN2-0517-M010 Data Sheet
OM173-alphaA 1 mg AG-CN2-0158-M001 Data Sheet
OM173-alphaA 5 mg AG-CN2-0158-M005 Data Sheet
ONX 0914 1 mg AG-CR1-3674-M001 Data Sheet
ONX 0914 5 mg AG-CR1-3674-M005 Data Sheet
ONX 0914 25 mg AG-CR1-3674-M025 Data Sheet
Opaganib 5 mg AG-CR1-3749-M005 Data Sheet
Opaganib 25 mg AG-CR1-3749-M025 Data Sheet
Opaganib 100 mg AG-CR1-3749-M100 Data Sheet
Ophiobolin A 100 ug AG-CN2-0431-C100 Data Sheet
Ophiobolin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0431-M001 Data Sheet
Oprozomib [ONX 0912] 1 mg AG-CR1-3672-M001 Data Sheet
Oprozomib [ONX 0912] 5 mg AG-CR1-3672-M005 Data Sheet
Oprozomib [ONX 0912] 25 mg AG-CR1-3672-M025 Data Sheet
Orlistat 50 mg AG-CN2-0050-M050 Data Sheet
Orlistat 250 mg AG-CN2-0050-M250 Data Sheet
Orthoformimycin 500 ug AG-CN2-0314-C500 Data Sheet
Oseltamivir . phosphate salt 25 mg AG-CR1-3714-M025 Data Sheet
Oseltamivir . phosphate salt 100 mg AG-CR1-3714-M100 Data Sheet
Oseltamivir . phosphate salt 250 mg AG-CR1-3714-M250 Data Sheet
Oxaliplatin 5 mg AG-CR1-3592-M005 Data Sheet
Oxaliplatin 25 mg AG-CR1-3592-M025 Data Sheet
Oxaliplatin 100 mg AG-CR1-3592-M100 Data Sheet
Paclitaxel 1 mg AG-CN2-0045-M001 Data Sheet
Paclitaxel 5 mg AG-CN2-0045-M005 Data Sheet
Paclitaxel 25 mg AG-CN2-0045-M025 Data Sheet
Paclitaxel 100 mg AG-CN2-0045-M100 Data Sheet
Palitantin 1 mg AG-CN2-0140-M001 Data Sheet
Pam3Cys-Ser-(Lys)4 . trihydrochloride 2 mg AG-CP3-0003-M002 Data Sheet
Papaverine . hydrochloride 1 g AG-CN2-0414-G001 Data Sheet
Papaverine . hydrochloride 5 g AG-CN2-0414-G005 Data Sheet
Paprotrain 1 mg AG-CR1-3504-M001 Data Sheet
Paramagnetoquinone A/B 500 ug AG-CN2-0315-C500 Data Sheet
Paramagnetoquinone A/B 1 mg AG-CN2-0315-M001 Data Sheet
PARG Inhibitor PDD00017273 1 mg AG-CR1-3646-M001 Data Sheet
PARG Inhibitor PDD00017273 5 mg AG-CR1-3646-M005 Data Sheet
Parthenolide 10 mg AG-CN2-0455-M010 Data Sheet
Parthenolide 50 mg AG-CN2-0455-M050 Data Sheet
Parthenolide 250 mg AG-CN2-0455-M250 Data Sheet
Paxilline 1 mg AG-CN2-0167-M001 Data Sheet
Paxilline 5 mg AG-CN2-0167-M005 Data Sheet
Pazopanib (free base) 10 mg AG-CR1-3746-M010 Data Sheet
Pazopanib (free base) 50 mg AG-CR1-3746-M050 Data Sheet
Pazopanib (free base) 250 mg AG-CR1-3746-M250 Data Sheet
Pazopanib . hydrochloride 10 mg AG-CR1-3748-M010 Data Sheet
Pazopanib . hydrochloride 50 mg AG-CR1-3748-M050 Data Sheet
Pazopanib . hydrochloride 250 mg AG-CR1-3748-M250 Data Sheet
PD 0325901 1 mg AG-CR1-3711-M001 Data Sheet
PD 0325901 5 mg AG-CR1-3711-M005 Data Sheet
PD 0325901 25 mg AG-CR1-3711-M025 Data Sheet
PD 150,606 5 mg AG-CR1-0066-M005 Data Sheet
PD 150,606 25 mg AG-CR1-0066-M025 Data Sheet
PD 184,352 1 mg AG-CR1-0029-M001 Data Sheet
PD 184,352 5 mg AG-CR1-0029-M005 Data Sheet
PD 98,059 1 mg AG-CR1-0118-M001 Data Sheet
PD 98,059 5 mg AG-CR1-0118-M005 Data Sheet
PD 98,059 10 mg AG-CR1-0118-M010 Data Sheet
PD 98,059 50 mg AG-CR1-0118-M050 Data Sheet
Pellitorine 1 mg AG-CN2-0009-M001 Data Sheet
Pellitorine 5 mg AG-CN2-0009-M005 Data Sheet
Pellitorine 25 mg AG-CN2-0009-M025 Data Sheet
Penicillide 250 ug AG-CN2-0122-C250 Data Sheet
Penicillide 1 mg AG-CN2-0122-M001 Data Sheet
Pepstatin A 5 mg AG-CP3-7001-M005 Data Sheet
Pepstatin A 25 mg AG-CP3-7001-M025 Data Sheet
Pepstatin A 100 mg AG-CP3-7001-M100 Data Sheet
Pepstatin A methyl ester  1 mg AG-CP3-7004-M001 Data Sheet
Pepstatin A methyl ester  5 mg AG-CP3-7004-M005 Data Sheet
PF-0477736 5 mg AG-CR1-3537-M005 Data Sheet
PF-0477736 10 mg AG-CR1-3537-M010 Data Sheet
PF-0477736 50 mg AG-CR1-3537-M050 Data Sheet
PF-2545920 1 mg AG-CR1-3636-M001 Data Sheet
PF-2545920 5 mg AG-CR1-3636-M005 Data Sheet
PF-2545920 25 mg AG-CR1-3636-M025 Data Sheet
Phenylmethylene hydantoin [PMH] 1 mg AG-CN2-0041-M001 Data Sheet
Phomopsin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0515-M001 Data Sheet
Phomoxanthone A 1 mg AG-CN2-0017-M001 Data Sheet
Phytic acid . sodium salt . hydrate 25 mg AG-CN2-0528-M025 Data Sheet
Phytic acid . sodium salt . hydrate 100 mg AG-CN2-0528-M100 Data Sheet
PI-1840 [Proteasome Inhibitor] 1 mg AG-CR1-3675-M001 Data Sheet
PI-1840 [Proteasome Inhibitor] 5 mg AG-CR1-3675-M005 Data Sheet
PI-1840 [Proteasome Inhibitor] 25 mg AG-CR1-3675-M025 Data Sheet
Piceatannol 1 mg AG-CN2-0086-M001 Data Sheet
Piceatannol 5 mg AG-CN2-0086-M005 Data Sheet
Piceatannol 25 mg AG-CN2-0086-M025 Data Sheet
Pifithrin-alpha (cyclic) . HBr 5 mg AG-CR1-0052-M005 Data Sheet
Pifithrin-alpha (cyclic) . HBr 10 mg AG-CR1-0052-M010 Data Sheet
Pifithrin-alpha (cyclic) . HBr 50 mg AG-CR1-0052-M050 Data Sheet
Pifithrin-alpha . HBr 5 mg AG-CR1-0004-M005 Data Sheet
Pifithrin-alpha . HBr 10 mg AG-CR1-0004-M010 Data Sheet
Pifithrin-alpha . HBr 25 mg AG-CR1-0004-M025 Data Sheet
Pioglitazone 1 mg AG-CR1-0067-M001 Data Sheet
Pioglitazone 5 mg AG-CR1-0067-M005 Data Sheet
Pioglitazone 25 mg AG-CR1-0067-M025 Data Sheet
Piperlongumine 10 mg AG-CN2-0024-M010 Data Sheet
Piperlongumine 50 mg AG-CN2-0024-M050 Data Sheet
PJ-34 1 mg AG-CR1-0100-M001 Data Sheet
PJ-34 5 mg AG-CR1-0100-M005 Data Sheet
PJ-34 25 mg AG-CR1-0100-M025 Data Sheet
PK 11195 10 mg AG-CR1-0008-M010 Data Sheet
PK 11195 50 mg AG-CR1-0008-M050 Data Sheet
PK150 (Sorafenib Analog) 1 mg AG-CR1-0162-M001 Data Sheet
PK150 (Sorafenib Analog) 5 mg AG-CR1-0162-M005 Data Sheet
PK150 (Sorafenib Analog) 25 mg AG-CR1-0162-M025 Data Sheet
PLX4720 5 mg AG-CR1-3577-M005 Data Sheet
PLX4720 25 mg AG-CR1-3577-M025 Data Sheet
PMA 1 mg AG-CN2-0010-M001 Data Sheet
PMA 5 mg AG-CN2-0010-M005 Data Sheet
PMA 10 mg AG-CN2-0010-M010 Data Sheet
PMA 25 mg AG-CN2-0010-M025 Data Sheet
PMPH 1 mg AG-CR1-3905-M001 Data Sheet
PMPH 5 mg AG-CR1-3905-M005 Data Sheet
Podophyllotoxin 100 mg AG-CN2-0049-M100 Data Sheet
Podophyllotoxin 500 mg AG-CN2-0049-M500 Data Sheet
Ponasterone A 1 mg AG-CN2-0053-M001 Data Sheet
Ponasterone A 5 mg AG-CN2-0053-M005 Data Sheet
Ponasterone A 25 mg AG-CN2-0053-M025 Data Sheet
Ponatinib 1 mg AG-CR1-3538-M001 Data Sheet
Ponatinib 5 mg AG-CR1-3538-M005 Data Sheet
Ponatinib 25 mg AG-CR1-3538-M025 Data Sheet
PP1 1 mg AG-CR1-3562-M001 Data Sheet
PP1 5 mg AG-CR1-3562-M005 Data Sheet
PP2 1 mg AG-CR1-3563-M001 Data Sheet
PP2 5 mg AG-CR1-3563-M005 Data Sheet
Procyanidin A2 1 mg AG-CN2-0486-M001 Data Sheet
Procyanidin A2 5 mg AG-CN2-0486-M005 Data Sheet
Procyanidin A2 25 mg AG-CN2-0486-M025 Data Sheet
Prodigiosin 250 ug AG-CN2-0105-C250 Data Sheet
Prodigiosin 1 mg AG-CN2-0105-M001 Data Sheet
Propionyl-L-carnitine . hydrochloride 25 mg AG-CR1-3595-M025 Data Sheet
Propionyl-L-carnitine . hydrochloride 100 mg AG-CR1-3595-M100 Data Sheet
Propionyl-L-carnitine . hydrochloride 500 mg AG-CR1-3595-M500 Data Sheet
Prostaglandin E2 1 mg AG-CL1-0001-M001 Data Sheet
Prostaglandin E2 5 mg AG-CL1-0001-M005 Data Sheet
PS-341 [Bortezomib] 5 mg AG-CR1-3602-M005 Data Sheet
PS-341 [Bortezomib] 25 mg AG-CR1-3602-M025 Data Sheet
Psammaplin A 100 ug AG-CN2-0088-C100 Data Sheet
Pseudolaric acid B 100 ug AG-CN2-0083-C100 Data Sheet
Pseudolaric acid B 1 mg AG-CN2-0083-M001 Data Sheet
Pseudouridimycin 1 mg AG-CN2-0316-M001 Data Sheet
Pseudouridimycin 5 mg AG-CN2-0316-M005 Data Sheet
PTACH [NCH 51] 5 mg AG-CR1-3667-M005 Data Sheet
PTACH [NCH 51] 25 mg AG-CR1-3667-M025 Data Sheet
Puromycin . dihydrochloride  1 g AG-CN2-0078-G001 Data Sheet
Puromycin . dihydrochloride  25 mg AG-CN2-0078-M025 Data Sheet
Puromycin . dihydrochloride  100 mg AG-CN2-0078-M100 Data Sheet
Puromycin . dihydrochloride  250 mg AG-CN2-0078-M250 Data Sheet
Puromycin . dihydrochloride  500 mg AG-CN2-0078-M500 Data Sheet
Purpuromycin 5 mg AG-CN2-0317-M005 Data Sheet
Purpuromycin 25 mg AG-CN2-0317-M025 Data Sheet
Purvalanol A 1 mg AG-CR1-2903-M001 Data Sheet
Purvalanol A 5 mg AG-CR1-2903-M005 Data Sheet
Purvalanol A 25 mg AG-CR1-2903-M025 Data Sheet
PX-12 1 mg AG-CR1-3739-M001 Data Sheet
PX-12 5 mg AG-CR1-3739-M005 Data Sheet
PX-12 25 mg AG-CR1-3739-M025 Data Sheet
Pyranonigrin A 250 ug AG-CN2-0156-C250 Data Sheet
Pyranonigrin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0156-M001 Data Sheet
Pyridoxatin 250 ug AG-CN2-0123-C250 Data Sheet
Pyridoxatin 1 mg AG-CN2-0123-M001 Data Sheet
Pyripyropene A 250 ug AG-CN2-0106-C250 Data Sheet
Pyripyropene A 1 mg AG-CN2-0106-M001 Data Sheet
Quercetin . dihydrate 1 g AG-CN2-0409-G001 Data Sheet
Quercetin . dihydrate 5 g AG-CN2-0409-G005 Data Sheet
Quinolactacin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0164-M001 Data Sheet
Quinolactacin A 5 mg AG-CN2-0164-M005 Data Sheet
Q-VD-OPh 1 mg AG-CP3-0006-M001 Data Sheet
Q-VD-OPh 5 mg AG-CP3-0006-M005 Data Sheet
Q-VD-OPh MultiPack 3 x 1 mg AG-CP3-0006-3001 Data Sheet
Q-VE-OPh (Negative Control for Q-VD-OPh) 1 mg AG-CP3-0007-M001 Data Sheet
R-848 5 mg AG-CR1-3582-M005 Data Sheet
R-848 25 mg AG-CR1-3582-M025 Data Sheet
Radicicol 1 mg AG-CN2-0021-M001 Data Sheet
Radicicol 5 mg AG-CN2-0021-M005 Data Sheet
Ramoplanin A2 1 mg AG-CN2-0318-M001 Data Sheet
Ramoplanin A2 5 mg AG-CN2-0318-M005 Data Sheet
Rapamycin 100 ug AG-CN2-0025-C100 Data Sheet
Rapamycin 1 mg AG-CN2-0025-M001 Data Sheet
Rapamycin 5 mg AG-CN2-0025-M005 Data Sheet
Rapamycin 25 mg AG-CN2-0025-M025 Data Sheet
Raptinal 1 mg AG-CR1-2902-M001 Data Sheet
Raptinal 5 mg AG-CR1-2902-M005 Data Sheet
Raptinal 25 mg AG-CR1-2902-M025 Data Sheet
Rasfonin 500 ug AG-CN2-0173-C500 Data Sheet
Regorafenib [BAY 73-4506] 5 mg AG-CR1-3623-M005 Data Sheet
Regorafenib [BAY 73-4506] 25 mg AG-CR1-3623-M025 Data Sheet
Remdesivir 5 mg AG-CR1-3713-M005 Data Sheet
Remdesivir 25 mg AG-CR1-3713-M025 Data Sheet
Remdesivir 100 mg AG-CR1-3713-M100 Data Sheet
Remisporine B 1 mg AG-CN2-0179-M001 Data Sheet
Remisporine B 2.5 mg AG-CN2-0179-MM25 Data Sheet
Resiniferatoxin (high purity) 0.1 mg AG-CN2-0534-MC01 Data Sheet
Resiniferatoxin (high purity) 0.5 mg AG-CN2-0534-MC05 Data Sheet
Resveratrol 50 mg AG-CN2-0033-M050 Data Sheet
Resveratrol 100 mg AG-CN2-0033-M100 Data Sheet
Resveratrol 500 mg AG-CN2-0033-M500 Data Sheet
Resveratrol (synthetic) 50 mg AG-CN2-0036-M050 Data Sheet
Resveratrol (synthetic) 100 mg AG-CN2-0036-M100 Data Sheet
Resveratrol (synthetic) 500 mg AG-CN2-0036-M500 Data Sheet
RF-22c [5-Lipoxygenase Inhibitor] 2 mg AG-CR1-3653-M002 Data Sheet
Ribavirin 1 g AG-CR1-3719-G001 Data Sheet
Ribavirin 50 mg AG-CR1-3719-M050 Data Sheet
Ribavirin 250 mg AG-CR1-3719-M250 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF 1 g AG-CN2-0321-G001 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF 5 g AG-CN2-0321-G005 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF 10 g AG-CN2-0321-G010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-API 10 mg AG-CN2-0325-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-API 50 mg AG-CN2-0325-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-DA 10 mg AG-CN2-0328-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-DA 50 mg AG-CN2-0328-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-EPTAPI 10 mg AG-CN2-0326-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-EPTAPI 50 mg AG-CN2-0326-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-K28259 10 mg AG-CN2-0324-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-K28259 50 mg AG-CN2-0324-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-K43033 10 mg AG-CN2-0320-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-K43033 50 mg AG-CN2-0320-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-K55517 10 mg AG-CN2-0322-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-K55517 50 mg AG-CN2-0322-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-K56035 10 mg AG-CN2-0323-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-K56035 50 mg AG-CN2-0323-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-K91725 10 mg AG-CN2-0327-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-K91725 50 mg AG-CN2-0327-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-O13 10 mg AG-CN2-0336-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-O13 50 mg AG-CN2-0336-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-pNFI 10 mg AG-CN2-0338-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AF-pNFI 50 mg AG-CN2-0338-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AG 10 mg AG-CN2-0329-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AG 50 mg AG-CN2-0329-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AMI-DA 10 mg AG-CN2-0330-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AMI-DA 50 mg AG-CN2-0330-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AMP-DA 10 mg AG-CN2-0331-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin AMP-DA 50 mg AG-CN2-0331-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin M14  10 mg AG-CN2-0332-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin M14  50 mg AG-CN2-0332-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin O 50 mg AG-CN2-0333-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin O 500 mg AG-CN2-0333-M500 Data Sheet
Rifamycin PR-14 10 mg AG-CN2-0334-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin PR-14 50 mg AG-CN2-0334-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin PR-3 10 mg AG-CN2-0335-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin PR-3 50 mg AG-CN2-0335-M050 Data Sheet
Rifamycin S, 8-Methyl- 10 mg AG-CN2-0337-M010 Data Sheet
Rifamycin S, 8-Methyl- 50 mg AG-CN2-0337-M050 Data Sheet
Rilpivirine 5 mg AG-CR1-3750-M005 Data Sheet
Rilpivirine 25 mg AG-CR1-3750-M025 Data Sheet
Ritonavir 10 mg AG-CR1-3683-M010 Data Sheet
Ritonavir 50 mg AG-CR1-3683-M050 Data Sheet
RO-3306 1 mg AG-CR1-3515-M001 Data Sheet
RO-3306 5 mg AG-CR1-3515-M005 Data Sheet
RO-3306 25 mg AG-CR1-3515-M025 Data Sheet
Robotnikinin 1 mg AG-CR1-0069-M001 Data Sheet
Roridin E 250 ug AG-CN2-0176-C250 Data Sheet
Roridin E 1 mg AG-CN2-0176-M001 Data Sheet
Rosiglitazone 1 g AG-CR1-3570-G001 Data Sheet
Rosiglitazone 10 mg AG-CR1-3570-M010 Data Sheet
Rosiglitazone 25 mg AG-CR1-3570-M025 Data Sheet
Rosiglitazone 100 mg AG-CR1-3570-M100 Data Sheet
Rosiglitazone . maleate 1 g AG-CR1-3571-G001 Data Sheet
Rosiglitazone . maleate 25 mg AG-CR1-3571-M025 Data Sheet
Rosiglitazone . maleate 100 mg AG-CR1-3571-M100 Data Sheet
Rosuvastatin . calcium salt 10 mg AG-CR1-3728-M010 Data Sheet
Rosuvastatin . calcium salt 50 mg AG-CR1-3728-M050 Data Sheet
Rosuvastatin . calcium salt 250 mg AG-CR1-3728-M250 Data Sheet
Rotenone 1 g AG-CN2-0516-G001 Data Sheet
Rotenone 5 g AG-CN2-0516-G005 Data Sheet
Rottlerin 10 mg AG-CN2-0526-M010 Data Sheet
Rottlerin 50 mg AG-CN2-0526-M050 Data Sheet
Rubratoxin A 250 ug AG-CN2-0092-C250 Data Sheet
Rubratoxin A 500 ug AG-CN2-0092-C500 Data Sheet
Rugulosin 250 ug AG-CN2-0124-C250 Data Sheet
Rugulosin 1 mg AG-CN2-0124-M001 Data Sheet
Rutin . trihydrate 5 g AG-CN2-0408-G005 Data Sheet
Ruxolitinib (free base) 5 mg AG-CR1-3624-M005 Data Sheet
Ruxolitinib (free base) 25 mg AG-CR1-3624-M025 Data Sheet
Ruxolitinib (free base) 100 mg AG-CR1-3624-M100 Data Sheet
Ruxolitinib . phosphate salt 5 mg AG-CR1-3645-M005 Data Sheet
Ruxolitinib . phosphate salt 25 mg AG-CR1-3645-M025 Data Sheet
Ruxolitinib . phosphate salt 100 mg AG-CR1-3645-M100 Data Sheet
S14161 1 mg AG-CR1-3516-M001 Data Sheet
S14161 5 mg AG-CR1-3516-M005 Data Sheet
SAG 1 mg AG-CR1-3506-M001 Data Sheet
SAG 5 mg AG-CR1-3506-M005 Data Sheet
SAG 25 mg AG-CR1-3506-M025 Data Sheet
SAG . dihydrochloride (water soluble) 1 mg AG-CR1-3585-M001 Data Sheet
SAG . dihydrochloride (water soluble) 5 mg AG-CR1-3585-M005 Data Sheet
SAG . dihydrochloride (water soluble) 25 mg AG-CR1-3585-M025 Data Sheet
SAG Analog (highly active) 1 mg AG-CR1-3518-M001 Data Sheet
SAG Analog (LowTox) 1 mg AG-CR1-3517-M001 Data Sheet
Salinosporamide A 100 ug AG-CN2-0444-C100 Data Sheet
Salinosporamide A 1 mg AG-CN2-0444-M001 Data Sheet
Salsalate 1 g AG-CR1-3574-G001 Data Sheet
Salsalate 5 g AG-CR1-3574-G005 Data Sheet
SANT-2 1 mg AG-CR1-3514-M001 Data Sheet
SANT-2 5 mg AG-CR1-3514-M005 Data Sheet
Saquinavir . mesylate 10 mg AG-CR1-3727-M010 Data Sheet
Saquinavir . mesylate 50 mg AG-CR1-3727-M050 Data Sheet
Sauchinone 1 mg AG-CN2-0032-M001 Data Sheet
Sauchinone 5 mg AG-CN2-0032-M005 Data Sheet
SB202190 1 mg AG-CR1-0028-M001 Data Sheet
SB202190 5 mg AG-CR1-0028-M005 Data Sheet
SB202190 25 mg AG-CR1-0028-M025 Data Sheet
SB203580 1 mg AG-CR1-0030-M001 Data Sheet
SB203580 5 mg AG-CR1-0030-M005 Data Sheet
SB203580 25 mg AG-CR1-0030-M025 Data Sheet
SB204990 1 mg AG-CR1-3697-M001 Data Sheet
SB204990 5 mg AG-CR1-3697-M005 Data Sheet
SB216763 1 mg AG-CR1-3659-M001 Data Sheet
SB216763 5 mg AG-CR1-3659-M005 Data Sheet
SB216763 25 mg AG-CR1-3659-M025 Data Sheet
SB366791 5 mg AG-CR1-0034-M005 Data Sheet
SB366791 25 mg AG-CR1-0034-M025 Data Sheet
SB415286 1 mg AG-CR1-3658-M001 Data Sheet
SB415286 5 mg AG-CR1-3658-M005 Data Sheet
SB415286 25 mg AG-CR1-3658-M025 Data Sheet
Sceptrin . dihydrochloride 500 ug AG-CN2-0440-C500 Data Sheet
Sclerotiorin 1 mg AG-CN2-0054-M001 Data Sheet
Sclerotiorin 5 mg AG-CN2-0054-M005 Data Sheet
Sclerotiorin 0.5 mg AG-CN2-0054-MC05 Data Sheet
Secalonic acid F 1 mg AG-CN2-0488-M001 Data Sheet
Sekikaic acid 1 mg AG-CN2-0502-M001 Data Sheet
Semaglutide 1 mg AG-CP3-0040-M001 Data Sheet
Semaglutide 5 mg AG-CP3-0040-M005 Data Sheet
Semaglutide 25 mg AG-CP3-0040-M025 Data Sheet
Semaglutide . AcOH 1 mg AG-CP3-0032-M001 Data Sheet
Semaglutide . AcOH 5 mg AG-CP3-0032-M005 Data Sheet
Semaglutide . AcOH 25 mg AG-CP3-0032-M025 Data Sheet
Sericic acid 5 mg AG-CN2-0402-M005 Data Sheet
Sericic acid 25 mg AG-CN2-0402-M025 Data Sheet
Serratol 5 mg AG-CN2-0483-M005 Data Sheet
S-Gboxin iodide 1 mg AG-CR1-3533-M001 Data Sheet
S-Gboxin iodide 5 mg AG-CR1-3533-M005 Data Sheet
Shikonin 10 mg AG-CN2-0487-M010 Data Sheet
Shikonin 50 mg AG-CN2-0487-M050 Data Sheet
Shz-1 1 mg AG-CR1-3502-M001 Data Sheet
Shz-1 5 mg AG-CR1-3502-M005 Data Sheet
Siamycin I 250 ug AG-CN2-0146-C250 Data Sheet
Siamycin I 1 mg AG-CN2-0146-M001 Data Sheet
Sibiriline 5 mg AG-CR1-0160-M005 Data Sheet
Sibiriline 25 mg AG-CR1-0160-M025 Data Sheet
Simvastatin 10 mg AG-CN2-0052-M010 Data Sheet
Simvastatin 50 mg AG-CN2-0052-M050 Data Sheet
Simvastatin . sodium salt 5 mg AG-CN2-0539-M005 Data Sheet
Simvastatin . sodium salt 25 mg AG-CN2-0539-M025 Data Sheet
Simvastatin . sodium salt 100 mg AG-CN2-0539-M100 Data Sheet
SIN-1 chloride 10 mg AG-CR1-0027-M010 Data Sheet
SIN-1 chloride 50 mg AG-CR1-0027-M050 Data Sheet
Sipholenol A 100 ug AG-CN2-0506-C100 Data Sheet
Sipholenone A 100 ug AG-CN2-0507-C100 Data Sheet
Sirtinol 1 mg AG-CR1-0055-M001 Data Sheet
Sirtinol 5 mg AG-CR1-0055-M005 Data Sheet
Sirtinol 25 mg AG-CR1-0055-M025 Data Sheet
Skyrin 1 mg AG-CN2-0001-M001 Data Sheet
SMI-4a 5 mg AG-CR1-3503-M005 Data Sheet
SNC80 5 mg AG-CR1-0017-M005 Data Sheet
SNC80 25 mg AG-CR1-0017-M025 Data Sheet
Sodium dichloroacetate [CDA] 1 g AG-CR1-3684-G001 Data Sheet
Splitomicin 1 mg AG-CR1-0088-M001 Data Sheet
Splitomicin 5 mg AG-CR1-0088-M005 Data Sheet
Splitomicin 25 mg AG-CR1-0088-M025 Data Sheet
Staurosporine 100 ug AG-CN2-0022-C100 Data Sheet
Staurosporine 500 ug AG-CN2-0022-C500 Data Sheet
Staurosporine 1 mg AG-CN2-0022-M001 Data Sheet
Staurosporine 5 mg AG-CN2-0022-M005 Data Sheet
Stevioside hydrate 10 mg AG-CN2-0077-M010 Data Sheet
Stevioside hydrate 50 mg AG-CN2-0077-M050 Data Sheet
STF-31 1 mg AG-CR1-3693-M001 Data Sheet
STF-31 5 mg AG-CR1-3693-M005 Data Sheet
STF-31 25 mg AG-CR1-3693-M025 Data Sheet
Stigmasterol 1 g AG-CN2-0412-G001 Data Sheet
Stigmasterol 5 g AG-CN2-0412-G005 Data Sheet
Streptochlorin 250 ug AG-CN2-0141-C250 Data Sheet
Streptochlorin 1 mg AG-CN2-0141-M001 Data Sheet
Streptozotocin 1 g AG-CN2-0046-G001 Data Sheet
Streptozotocin 50 mg AG-CN2-0046-M050 Data Sheet
Streptozotocin 250 mg AG-CN2-0046-M250 Data Sheet
Succinic acid [Succinate] 1 g AG-CN2-0521-G001 Data Sheet
Succinic acid [Succinate] 5 g AG-CN2-0521-G005 Data Sheet
Suc-Leu-Leu-Val-Tyr-AMC 1 mg AG-CP3-0016-M001 Data Sheet
Suc-Leu-Leu-Val-Tyr-AMC 5 mg AG-CP3-0016-M005 Data Sheet
Suc-Leu-Tyr-AMC 5 mg AG-CP3-0017-M005 Data Sheet
Sunitinib . malate 1 mg AG-CR1-3707-M001 Data Sheet
Sunitinib . malate 5 mg AG-CR1-3707-M005 Data Sheet
Sunitinib . malate 25 mg AG-CR1-3707-M025 Data Sheet
Sunitinib . malate 500 mg AG-CR1-3707-M500 Data Sheet
Suramin . hexasodium salt 50 mg AG-CR1-3575-M050 Data Sheet
Swinholide A 10 ug AG-CN2-0035-C010 Data Sheet
Swinholide A 50 ug AG-CN2-0035-C050 Data Sheet
T0901317 10 mg AG-CR1-2906-M010 Data Sheet
T0901317 50 mg AG-CR1-2906-M050 Data Sheet
T-2 Toxin 1 mg AG-CN2-0473-M001 Data Sheet
T-2 Toxin 5 mg AG-CN2-0473-M005 Data Sheet
Talabostat . mesylate 10 mg AG-CR1-3541-M010 Data Sheet
Talabostat . mesylate 50 mg AG-CR1-3541-M050 Data Sheet
TBB 5 mg AG-CR1-3660-M005 Data Sheet
TBB 25 mg AG-CR1-3660-M025 Data Sheet
TDZD-8 5 mg AG-CR1-3740-M005 Data Sheet
TDZD-8 25 mg AG-CR1-3740-M025 Data Sheet
Telaprevir 10 mg AG-CR1-3741-M010 Data Sheet
Telaprevir 50 mg AG-CR1-3741-M050 Data Sheet
Telaprevir 250 mg AG-CR1-3741-M250 Data Sheet
Terpendole C 250 ug AG-CN2-0125-C250 Data Sheet
Terpendole C 1 mg AG-CN2-0125-M001 Data Sheet
Terpendole E 250 ug AG-CN2-0127-C250 Data Sheet
Territrem B  500 ug AG-CN2-0142-C500 Data Sheet
Territrem B 1 mg AG-CN2-0142-M001 Data Sheet
Tetrahydrobostrycin 1 mg AG-CN2-0040-M001 Data Sheet
TG003 1 mg AG-CR1-3656-M001 Data Sheet
TG003 5 mg AG-CR1-3656-M005 Data Sheet
TG003 25 mg AG-CR1-3656-M025 Data Sheet
TG007 5 mg AG-CR1-3666-M005 Data Sheet
TG007 25 mg AG-CR1-3666-M025 Data Sheet
Thailandolide B 1 mg AG-CN2-0160-M001 Data Sheet
Thapsigargin (high purity) 1 mg AG-CN2-0003-M001 Data Sheet
Thapsigargin (high purity) 5 mg AG-CN2-0003-M005 Data Sheet
Thapsigargin (high purity) 10 mg AG-CN2-0003-M010 Data Sheet
Theacrine 1 g AG-CN2-0466-G001 Data Sheet
Theacrine 5 g AG-CN2-0466-G005 Data Sheet
Theacrine 25 g AG-CN2-0466-G025 Data Sheet
Theacrine 100 mg AG-CN2-0466-M100 Data Sheet
Thermorubin 1 mg AG-CN2-0339-M001 Data Sheet
Thermorubin 5 mg AG-CN2-0339-M005 Data Sheet
Thermorubin 25 mg AG-CN2-0339-M025 Data Sheet
Thiocolchicine 5 mg AG-CN2-0074-M005 Data Sheet
Thiocolchicine 25 mg AG-CN2-0074-M025 Data Sheet
Thiocolchicoside 1 mg AG-CN2-0076-M001 Data Sheet
Thiocolchicoside 5 mg AG-CN2-0076-M005 Data Sheet
Thiocolchicoside 25 mg AG-CN2-0076-M025 Data Sheet
Thioglycine 1 mg AG-CR1-3530-M001 Data Sheet
Thioglycine 5 mg AG-CR1-3530-M005 Data Sheet
TOFA 5 mg AG-CR1-2905-M005 Data Sheet
TOFA 25 mg AG-CR1-2905-M025 Data Sheet
Tofacitinib 5 mg AG-CR1-3625-M005 Data Sheet
Tofacitinib 25 mg AG-CR1-3625-M025 Data Sheet
Tofacitinib . citrate 5 mg AG-CR1-3732-M005 Data Sheet
Tofacitinib . citrate 25 mg AG-CR1-3732-M025 Data Sheet
Tofacitinib . citrate 100 mg AG-CR1-3732-M100 Data Sheet
TPh A 1 mg AG-CR1-3507-M001 Data Sheet
TPh A 5 mg AG-CR1-3507-M005 Data Sheet
trans-Indole-3-acrylic acid 1 g AG-CR1-3677-G001 Data Sheet
trans-Indole-3-acrylic acid 250 mg AG-CR1-3677-M250 Data Sheet
Trichostatin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0108-M001 Data Sheet
Trichostatin A 5 mg AG-CN2-0108-M005 Data Sheet
Trichostatin A (synthetic) 1 mg AG-CN2-0523-M001 Data Sheet
Trichostatin A (synthetic) 5 mg AG-CN2-0523-M005 Data Sheet
Tripolin A 1 mg AG-CR1-3520-M001 Data Sheet
Tripolin A 5 mg AG-CR1-3520-M005 Data Sheet
Tripolin B 1 mg AG-CR1-3521-M001 Data Sheet
Triptolide 1 mg AG-CN2-0448-M001 Data Sheet
Triptolide 5 mg AG-CN2-0448-M005 Data Sheet
Triptolide 10 mg AG-CN2-0448-M010 Data Sheet
Troglitazone 5 mg AG-CR1-3565-M005 Data Sheet
Troglitazone 25 mg AG-CR1-3565-M025 Data Sheet
Trolox 1 g AG-CR1-3639-G001 Data Sheet
Trolox 5 g AG-CR1-3639-G005 Data Sheet
Trolox 500 mg AG-CR1-3639-M500 Data Sheet
Tubastatin A 10 mg AG-CR1-3900-M010 Data Sheet
U-73122 1 mg AG-CR1-3698-M001 Data Sheet
U-73122 5 mg AG-CR1-3698-M005 Data Sheet
UBS109 5 x 1 mg AG-CR1-3704-5001 Data Sheet
UBS109 1 mg AG-CR1-3704-M001 Data Sheet
UBS109 10 mg AG-CR1-3704-M010 Data Sheet
UK 5099 1 mg AG-CR1-3691-M001 Data Sheet
UK 5099 5 mg AG-CR1-3691-M005 Data Sheet
UK 5099 10 mg AG-CR1-3691-M010 Data Sheet
Umbellulone 10 mg AG-CN2-0085-M010 Data Sheet
Umbellulone 100 mg AG-CN2-0085-M100
Umifenovir . HCl [Arbidol] 10 mg AG-CR1-3718-M010 Data Sheet
Umifenovir . HCl [Arbidol] 50 mg AG-CR1-3718-M050 Data Sheet
Umifenovir . HCl [Arbidol] 250 mg AG-CR1-3718-M250 Data Sheet
Ursodeoxycholic acid 1 g AG-CN2-0411-G001 Data Sheet
Ursodeoxycholic acid 5 g AG-CN2-0411-G005 Data Sheet
Vincristine . sulfate 5 mg AG-CN2-0446-M005 Data Sheet
Vincristine . sulfate 25 mg AG-CN2-0446-M025 Data Sheet
Vinpocetine 20 mg AG-CN2-0454-M020 Data Sheet
Vinpocetine 100 mg AG-CN2-0454-M100 Data Sheet
VIP (human, mouse, rat) . AcOH [RLF-100] 1 mg AG-CP3-0041-M001 Data Sheet
VIP (human, mouse, rat) . AcOH [RLF-100] 5 mg AG-CP3-0041-M005 Data Sheet
VIP (human, mouse, rat) . AcOH [RLF-100] 25 mg AG-CP3-0041-M025 Data Sheet
Viridicatumtoxin 1 mg AG-CN2-0172-M001 Data Sheet
Viridiol 250 ug AG-CN2-0126-C250 Data Sheet
Viridiol 1 mg AG-CN2-0126-M001 Data Sheet
Virustomycin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0157-M001 Data Sheet
Virustomycin A 5 mg AG-CN2-0157-M005 Data Sheet
Vitexin 5 mg AG-CN2-0425-M005 Data Sheet
Vitexin 25 mg AG-CN2-0425-M025 Data Sheet
VR23 [Proteasome Inhibitor] 1 mg AG-CR1-3676-M001 Data Sheet
VR23 [Proteasome Inhibitor] 5 mg AG-CR1-3676-M005 Data Sheet
VR23 [Proteasome Inhibitor] 25 mg AG-CR1-3676-M025 Data Sheet
VX-745 1 mg AG-CR1-3754-M001 Data Sheet
VX-745 5 mg AG-CR1-3754-M005 Data Sheet
VX-745 10 mg AG-CR1-3754-M010 Data Sheet
VX-745 50 mg AG-CR1-3754-M050 Data Sheet
W493 B 1 mg AG-CN2-0501-M001 Data Sheet
W-5 . hydrochloride 5 mg AG-CR1-0003-M005 Data Sheet
W-5 . hydrochloride 25 mg AG-CR1-0003-M025 Data Sheet
Wedelolactone 1 mg AG-CN2-0424-M001 Data Sheet
Wedelolactone 5 mg AG-CN2-0424-M005 Data Sheet
White Line Inducing Principle [WLIP] 1 mg AG-CN2-0069-M001 Data Sheet
Withaferin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0490-M001 Data Sheet
Withaferin A 5 mg AG-CN2-0490-M005 Data Sheet
Withaferin A 10 mg AG-CN2-0490-M010 Data Sheet
Wogonin 5 mg AG-CN2-0064-M005 Data Sheet
Wogonin 25 mg AG-CN2-0064-M025 Data Sheet
Wortmannin 1 mg AG-CN2-0023-M001 Data Sheet
Wortmannin 5 mg AG-CN2-0023-M005 Data Sheet
Wortmannin 25 mg AG-CN2-0023-M025 Data Sheet
WY-14643 10 mg AG-CR1-3566-M010 Data Sheet
WY-14643 50 mg AG-CR1-3566-M050 Data Sheet
WY-14643 250 mg AG-CR1-3566-M250 Data Sheet
WZB117 5 mg AG-CR1-3694-M005 Data Sheet
WZB117 25 mg AG-CR1-3694-M025 Data Sheet
Xamoterol hemifumarate 1 mg AG-CR1-3536-M001 Data Sheet
Xamoterol hemifumarate 5 mg AG-CR1-3536-M005 Data Sheet
Xamoterol hemifumarate 25 mg AG-CR1-3536-M025 Data Sheet
Xanthorrhizol 1 mg AG-CN2-0090-M001 Data Sheet
X-Gal 1 g AG-CC1-0003-G001 Data Sheet
X-Gal 5 g AG-CC1-0003-G005 Data Sheet
X-Gal 50 mg AG-CC1-0003-M050 Data Sheet
X-Gal 250 mg AG-CC1-0003-M250 Data Sheet
Y-27632 . dihydrochloride 1 mg AG-CR1-3564-M001 Data Sheet
Y-27632 . dihydrochloride 5 mg AG-CR1-3564-M005 Data Sheet
Y-27632 . dihydrochloride 10 mg AG-CR1-3564-M010 Data Sheet
Y-27632 . dihydrochloride 25 mg AG-CR1-3564-M025 Data Sheet
YC-1 1 mg AG-CR1-0120-M001 Data Sheet
YC-1 5 mg AG-CR1-0120-M005 Data Sheet
YC-1 25 mg AG-CR1-0120-M025 Data Sheet
YM-254890 1 mg AG-CN2-0509-M001 Data Sheet
YM-254890 500 ug AG-CN2-0509-MC05 Data Sheet
Zelkovamycin 250 ug AG-CN2-0128-C250 Data Sheet
Zelkovamycin 1 mg AG-CN2-0128-M001 Data Sheet
Zerumbone 10 mg AG-CN2-0004-M010 Data Sheet
Zerumbone 50 mg AG-CN2-0004-M050 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Arg-Gly-Gly-AMC 1 mg AG-CP3-0023-M001 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Arg-Gly-Gly-AMC 5 mg AG-CP3-0023-M005 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Glu-AMC 1 mg AG-CP3-0022-M001 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Glu-AMC 5 mg AG-CP3-0022-M005 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-AMC 1 mg AG-CP3-0019-M001 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-AMC 5 mg AG-CP3-0019-M005 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-B(OH)2 [MG-262] 200 ug AG-CP3-0024-C200 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-B(OH)2 [MG-262] 1 mg AG-CP3-0024-M001 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-B(OH)2 [MG-262] 5 mg AG-CP3-0024-M005 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Nva-CHO [MG-115] 1 mg AG-CP3-0015-M001 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Nva-CHO [MG-115] 5 mg AG-CP3-0015-M005 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Phe-CHO 1 mg AG-CP3-0021-M001 Data Sheet
Z-Leu-Leu-Phe-CHO 5 mg AG-CP3-0021-M005 Data Sheet
Z-Phe-Arg-AFC 5 mg AG-CP3-0028-M005 Data Sheet
Z-Phe-Arg-AFC 25 mg AG-CP3-0028-M025 Data Sheet
Z-VAD-FMK (Cell permeable) 1 mg AG-CP3-0002-M001 Data Sheet
Z-VAD-FMK (Cell permeable) 5 mg AG-CP3-0002-M005 Data Sheet
Z-Val-Leu-Arg-AMC 5 mg AG-CP3-0027-M005 Data Sheet
Z-Val-Leu-Arg-AMC 25 mg AG-CP3-0027-M025 Data Sheet
Z-VRPR-FMK 500 ug AG-CP3-0008-C500 Data Sheet
Z-VRPR-FMK 1 mg AG-CP3-0008-M001 Data Sheet
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