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Vinci-Biochem S.r.l.
Via Ponte di Bagnolo, 10
50059 Vinci (Firenze)
Tel. +39 0571 568 147
Adipogen Life Sciences
We focus our efforts on specific areas of the life sciences market around Inflammation & Immune Responses. These scientific areas include inflammasomes, innate immunity, B & T cells immune regulation, neuroinflammation, obesity & metabolic diseases, immuno-oncology and bacterial & viral infection. 
It becomes more and more evident that there exists a close cross-talk between hormones and cytokines which are secreted from fat cells and immune cells sometimes triggering inflammatory processes. Adipogen International (AdipoGen) connects immunology to metabolism. The Corporate headquarters is in San Diego, USA and the Operational headquarters is in Liestal, Switzerland. A motivated team of highly-skilled individuals develops and manufactures new products for the Life Science Research Market in the areas of cancer, immunology, inflammation, metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity), stem cells and neurodegeneration. A major focus is on innovative and advanced ELISA Kits. In addition to the antibody and protein facilities, AdipoGen owns chemical laboratories, enabling the company to develop new and innovative small molecules.

Adipogen_Flyer_InVivoKines AdipoGen Obesity TNF Superfamily
InVivoKines™ Proteins with Enhanced Activity & Stability for InVivo Research
Obesity & Diabetes Research
5° Edizione
TNF Superfamily
AdipoGen ELISA Kits Neuroscience AdipoGen Adipogen Inflammasome Research
ELISA Kits - AdipoGen 
Neuroscience Research
Inflammasome Research
Functional Antibodies Notch_Signaling AdipoGen AdipoGen ELISA Kits
Functional Antibodies
Notch Signaling Pathway
ELISA KITS 4° Edizione
AdipoGen INSIGHTS ACE2 CoV2 AdipoGen Innate Immunity Flyer Adipogen Tubulin Code and PTMs Insights
AdipoGen COVID-19
InVitro Research
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Innate Immunity
Adipogen Tubulin Code and PTMs Insights
Adipogen Progranulin Adipogen IL-33 INSIGHTS Adipogen_Proteins_with_Enhanced_Activity_and_Stability
Adipogen Progranulin
Adipogen IL-33 INSIGHTS
Proteins with Enhanced
Activity & and Stability
Adipogen Immune Checkpoint Reagents 2019 Adipogen Immunometabolism AdipoGen APRIL and Baff
Immune Checkpoint Reagents
Immunometabolism Research
Autoimmune Disease Biomarkers
Gasdermin D Signaling and Inflammasome Research Adipogen Erythroferrone Insights Adipogen Rare Biologically Active Antibiotics Mycotoxins Brochure
Gasdermin Signaling &
Inflammasome Research

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Adipogen Life Sciences
Rare Biologically Active
Antibiotics and Mycotoxins 

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Adipogen Periostin AdipoGen Immune Regulation Reagents AdipoGen Key Inflammasome Tools
Specific Periostin ELISA Assays
Immune Regulation Reagents
3° Edizione
Key Inflammasome Research
DYRK Adipogen Adipogen Recombinant Antibodies Insights IL-36 AdipoGen
DYRK Inhibitors
Dual-specificity tyrosine-regulated kinase family members
Recombinant Antibodies 
IL-36 Important Biomarker for Psoriasis
TRAIL and TRAIL Receptors Stem Cell Biology AdipoGen Multimeric Proteins
Stem Cell Biology
Multimeric Proteins
AdipoGen NATURAL PRODUCTS AdipoGen Small Molecules 2016 Adipgen Glycobiology Research Insights
Natural Products
Small Molecules
Glycobiology Research 
Flyer_Adipogen_ANGIOGENESIS_2015 Netrin-1 Natural Compounds AdipoGen and Kitasato Institute
Angiogenesis Research Tools
Unique Natural Products & Rare Antibiotics - In Collaboration with the Kitasato Institute
Adipogen Poster Inflammasome Gasdermin D Adipogen Rare Antibiotics and Natural Products  
Gasdermin D Inflammasome 
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Adipogen Life Sciences
Rare Antibiotics and Natural Products

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 Prodotti Adipogen Life Sciences: Antibodies / Proteins / ELISA Kits & Accessories / Chemicals 1 / Chemicals 2
Chemicals 1
Product Size Code Data Sheet
(-)-Ageloxime D 1 mg AG-CN2-0016-M001 Data Sheet
(-)-Arctigenin 10 mg AG-CN2-0530-M010 Data Sheet
(-)-Arctigenin 50 mg AG-CN2-0530-M050 Data Sheet
(-)-Arctiin 10 mg AG-CN2-0532-M010 Data Sheet
(-)-Arctiin 50 mg AG-CN2-0532-M050 Data Sheet
(-)-Epigallocatechin gallate 25 mg AG-CN2-0063-M025 Data Sheet
(-)-Epigallocatechin gallate 100 mg AG-CN2-0063-M100 Data Sheet
(-)-Indolactam V 300 ug AG-CR1-0041-C300 Data Sheet
(-)-Indolactam V 1 mg AG-CR1-0041-M001 Data Sheet
(-)-Mitorubrinic acid 1 mg AG-CN2-0505-M001 Data Sheet
(-)-Viriditoxin 500 ug AG-CN2-0471-C500 Data Sheet
(+)-Brefeldin A 5 mg AG-CN2-0018-M005 Data Sheet
(+)-Brefeldin A 10 mg AG-CN2-0018-M010 Data Sheet
(+)-Brefeldin A 25 mg AG-CN2-0018-M025 Data Sheet
(+)-Etomoxir . Na 5 mg AG-CR1-3688-M005 Data Sheet
(+)-Etomoxir . Na 25 mg AG-CR1-3688-M025 Data Sheet
(+/-)-C75 1 mg AG-CR1-2904-M001 Data Sheet
(+/-)-C75 5 mg AG-CR1-2904-M005 Data Sheet
(+/-)-Verapamil . hydrochloride (USP Grade) 1 g AG-CR1-3627-G001 Data Sheet
(+/-)-Verapamil . hydrochloride (USP Grade) 5 g AG-CR1-3627-G005 Data Sheet
(+/-)-Verapamil . hydrochloride (USP Grade) 100 mg AG-CR1-3627-M100 Data Sheet
(25S)-delta7-Dafachronic acid [UPF-1404] 100 ug AG-CN2-0014-C100 Data Sheet
(3S,6R)-Lateritin 1 mg AG-CN2-0042-M001 Data Sheet
(R)-3-Hydroxybutyric acid 25 mg AG-CR1-3616-M025 Data Sheet
(R)-3-Hydroxybutyric acid 100 mg AG-CR1-3616-M100 Data Sheet
(R)-CR8 1 mg AG-CR1-0039-M001 Data Sheet
(R)-CR8 5 mg AG-CR1-0039-M005 Data Sheet
(R)-CR8 10 mg AG-MR-C0003-M010 Data Sheet
(R)-CR8 50 mg AG-MR-C0003-M050 Data Sheet
(R)-FSL-1 100 ug AG-CP3-0010-C100 Data Sheet
(R)-Perharidine 1 1 mg AG-MR-C0013-M001 Data Sheet
(R)-Perharidine 1 5 mg AG-MR-C0013-M005 Data Sheet
(R)-Perharidine 1 25 mg AG-MR-C0013-M025 Data Sheet
(R)-Roscovitine 1 mg AG-CR1-0006-M001 Data Sheet
(R)-Roscovitine 5 mg AG-CR1-0006-M005 Data Sheet
(R)-Roscovitine 50 mg AG-CR1-0006-M050 Data Sheet
(R)-Roscovitine 25 mg AG-MR-C0001-M025 Data Sheet
(R,R)-Hymeglusin 1 mg AG-CN2-0103-M001 Data Sheet
(R,R)-Hymeglusin 0.5 mg AG-CN2-0103-MC05 Data Sheet
(R,R)-Hymeglusin 2.5 mg AG-CN2-0103-MM25 Data Sheet
(S)-3-Hydroxybutyric acid 25 mg AG-CR1-3617-M025 Data Sheet
(S)-3-Hydroxybutyric acid 100 mg AG-CR1-3617-M100 Data Sheet
(S)-(+)-Camptothecin 50 mg AG-CN2-0463-M050 Data Sheet
(S)-(+)-Camptothecin 250 mg AG-CN2-0463-M250 Data Sheet
(S)-CR8 1 mg AG-CR1-0040-M001 Data Sheet
(S)-CR8 5 mg AG-CR1-0040-M005 Data Sheet
(S)-CR8 10 mg AG-MR-C0004-M010 Data Sheet
(S)-CR8 50 mg AG-MR-C0004-M050 Data Sheet
(S)-Perharidine 1 1 mg AG-MR-C0012-M001 Data Sheet
(S)-Perharidine 1 5 mg AG-MR-C0012-M005 Data Sheet
(S)-Perharidine 1 25 mg AG-MR-C0012-M025 Data Sheet
(S)-Roscovitine 5 mg AG-MR-C0002-M005 Data Sheet
(S)-Roscovitine 25 mg AG-MR-C0002-M025 Data Sheet
1,5-Isoquinolinediol 5 mg AG-CR1-0024-M005 Data Sheet
1,5-Isoquinolinediol 25 mg AG-CR1-0024-M025 Data Sheet
1,5-Isoquinolinediol 100 mg AG-CR1-0024-M100 Data Sheet
10,11-Dehydrocurvularin 1 mg AG-CN2-0165-M001 Data Sheet
10,11-Dehydrocurvularin 5 mg AG-CN2-0165-M005 Data Sheet
10Z-Hymenialdisine 500 ug AG-CN2-0067-C500 Data Sheet
11-O-Methylpseurotin A 250 ug AG-CN2-0121-C250 Data Sheet
11-O-Methylpseurotin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0121-M001 Data Sheet
1233B 250 ug AG-CN2-0112-C250 Data Sheet
1233B 1 mg AG-CN2-0112-M001 Data Sheet
1400W . dihydrochloride 5 mg AG-CR1-0018-M005 Data Sheet
1400W . dihydrochloride 25 mg AG-CR1-0018-M025 Data Sheet
1400W . dihydrochloride 100 mg AG-CR1-0018-M100 Data Sheet
16-epi-Latrunculin B 100 ug AG-CN2-0034-C100 Data Sheet
16-keto-Aspergillimide 1 mg AG-CN2-0151-M001 Data Sheet
17-DMAG 1 mg AG-CN2-0540-M001 Data Sheet
17-DMAG 5 mg AG-CN2-0540-M005 Data Sheet
17-Hydroxyventuricidin A 250 ug AG-CN2-0119-C250 Data Sheet
17-Hydroxyventuricidin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0119-M001 Data Sheet
1-Azakenpaullone 1 mg AG-CR1-0035-M001 Data Sheet
1-Azakenpaullone 5 mg AG-CR1-0035-M005 Data Sheet
2,5-Dimethyl-celecoxib 5 mg AG-CR1-3599-M005 Data Sheet
2,5-Dimethyl-celecoxib 25 mg AG-CR1-3599-M025 Data Sheet
20-Hydroxyecdysone 5 mg AG-CN2-0072-M005 Data Sheet
20-Hydroxyecdysone 10 mg AG-CN2-0072-M010 Data Sheet
20-Hydroxyecdysone 50 mg AG-CN2-0072-M050 Data Sheet
22-NHC (inactive isomer) 1 mg AG-CR1-3524-M001 Data Sheet
22-NHC (inactive isomer) 5 mg AG-CR1-3524-M005 Data Sheet
22-NHC . hydrochloride 1 mg AG-CR1-3523-M001 Data Sheet
22-NHC . hydrochloride 5 mg AG-CR1-3523-M005 Data Sheet
2'-Deoxy-5-formylcytidine 1 mg AG-CR1-3531-M001 Data Sheet
2'-Deoxy-5-formylcytidine 5 mg AG-CR1-3531-M005 Data Sheet
2-Deoxy-D-glucose 1 g AG-CR1-3681-G001 Data Sheet
2-Deoxy-D-glucose 5 g AG-CR1-3681-G005 Data Sheet
3,4-Dimethoxychalcone 10 mg AG-CN2-0531-M010 Data Sheet
3,4-Dimethoxychalcone 50 mg AG-CN2-0531-M050 Data Sheet
3,4-Dimethoxychalcone 250 mg AG-CN2-0531-M250 Data Sheet
3-Aminoisobutyric acid [BAIBA] 1 g AG-CR1-3596-G001 Data Sheet
3-Aminoisobutyric acid [BAIBA] 250 mg AG-CR1-3596-M250 Data Sheet
3-Bromopyruvic acid 1 g AG-CR1-3682-G001 Data Sheet
3-Bromopyruvic acid 5 g AG-CR1-3682-G005 Data Sheet
3-Guanidinopropionic acid 1 g AG-CR1-3678-G001 Data Sheet
3-Guanidinopropionic acid 500 mg AG-CR1-3678-M500 Data Sheet
3-Methyladenine 25 mg AG-CR1-3597-M025 Data Sheet
3-Methyladenine 100 mg AG-CR1-3597-M100 Data Sheet
3-Methyladenine 250 mg AG-CR1-3597-M250 Data Sheet
4alpha-PMA 1 mg AG-CN2-0082-M001 Data Sheet
4-Aminophenylphosphate . sodium salt 10 mg AG-CR1-3586-M010 Data Sheet
4-Aminophenylphosphate . sodium salt 50 mg AG-CR1-3586-M050 Data Sheet
4-Aminophenylphosphate . sodium salt 100 mg AG-CR1-3586-M100 Data Sheet
4-Fluorophenylundecanoyl-alpha-galactosylceramide [7DW8-5] 500 ug AG-CN2-0519-C500 Data Sheet
4-Fluorophenylundecanoyl-alpha-galactosylceramide [7DW8-5] 1 mg AG-CN2-0519-M001 Data Sheet
5-(Hydroxymethyl)-2'-deoxycytidine 1 mg AG-CR1-3532-M001 Data Sheet
5-(Hydroxymethyl)-2'-deoxycytidine 5 mg AG-CR1-3532-M005 Data Sheet
5-Dodecanoylaminofluorescein Di-beta-D-glucopyranoside 1 mg AG-CY1-0001-M001 Data Sheet
5-Dodecanoylaminofluorescein Di-beta-D-glucuronide 1 mg AG-CY1-0002-M001 Data Sheet
6-Amino-8-trifluoromethylphenanthridine 1 mg AG-MR-C0031-M001 Data Sheet
6-Amino-8-trifluoromethylphenanthridine 5 mg AG-MR-C0031-M005 Data Sheet
6-Amino-8-trifluoromethylphenanthridine 25 mg AG-MR-C0031-M025 Data Sheet
6-Aminophenanthridine 1 mg AG-MR-C0029-M001 Data Sheet
6-Aminophenanthridine 5 mg AG-MR-C0029-M005 Data Sheet
6-Aminophenanthridine 25 mg AG-MR-C0029-M025 Data Sheet
6BIO 1 mg AG-CR1-0056-M001 Data Sheet
6BIO 5 mg AG-CR1-0056-M005 Data Sheet
6BIO 25 mg AG-CR1-0056-M025 Data Sheet
6BIO 10 mg AG-MR-C0019-M010 Data Sheet
6BIO 50 mg AG-MR-C0019-M050 Data Sheet
6-ECDCA 5 mg AG-CR1-3560-M005 Data Sheet
6-ECDCA 25 mg AG-CR1-3560-M025 Data Sheet
7-Azido-4-methylcoumarin 1 mg AG-CR1-3525-M001 Data Sheet
7-Azido-4-methylcoumarin 5 mg AG-CR1-3525-M005 Data Sheet
7BIO 10 mg AG-MR-C0020-M010 Data Sheet
7BIO 50 mg AG-MR-C0020-M050 Data Sheet
7-O-Methylaloeresin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0491-M001 Data Sheet
8-Prenylnaringenin 1 mg AG-CN2-0525-M001 Data Sheet
8-Prenylnaringenin 5 mg AG-CN2-0525-M005 Data Sheet
A-443654 1 mg AG-CR1-3663-M001 Data Sheet
A-443654 5 mg AG-CR1-3663-M005 Data Sheet
A-674563 (free base) 1 mg AG-CR1-3680-M001 Data Sheet
A-674563 (free base) 5 mg AG-CR1-3680-M005 Data Sheet
A-674563 (free base) 10 mg AG-CR1-3680-M010 Data Sheet
Ac-Ala-Asn-Trp-AMC 1 mg AG-CP3-0037-M001 Data Sheet
Ac-Ala-Asn-Trp-AMC 5 mg AG-CP3-0037-M005 Data Sheet
Ac-Ala-Asn-Trp-AMC 25 mg AG-CP3-0037-M025 Data Sheet
Ac-Arg-Leu-Arg-AMC 1 mg AG-CP3-0013-M001 Data Sheet
Ac-Arg-Leu-Arg-AMC 5 mg AG-CP3-0013-M005 Data Sheet
Ac-Pro-Ala-Leu-AMC 1 mg AG-CP3-0036-M001 Data Sheet
Ac-Pro-Ala-Leu-AMC 5 mg AG-CP3-0036-M005 Data Sheet
Ac-Pro-Ala-Leu-AMC 25 mg AG-CP3-0036-M025 Data Sheet
Actagardin 1 mg AG-CN2-0300-M001 Data Sheet
Actagardin 5 mg AG-CN2-0300-M005 Data Sheet
Actagardin 25 mg AG-CN2-0300-M025 Data Sheet
Actinonin 5 mg AG-CN2-0161-M005 Data Sheet
Actinonin 25 mg AG-CN2-0161-M025 Data Sheet
Ac-Trp-Leu-Ala-AMC 1 mg AG-CP3-0035-M001 Data Sheet
Ac-Trp-Leu-Ala-AMC 5 mg AG-CP3-0035-M005 Data Sheet
ACY-775 1 mg AG-CR1-3903-M001 Data Sheet
ACY-775 5 mg AG-CR1-3903-M005 Data Sheet
AdipoRon 10 mg AG-CR1-0154-M010 Data Sheet
AdipoRon 50 mg AG-CR1-0154-M050 Data Sheet
AdipoRon . hydrochloride (water soluble) 10 mg AG-CR1-0156-M010 Data Sheet
AdipoRon . hydrochloride (water soluble) 50 mg AG-CR1-0156-M050 Data Sheet
AEBSF . hydrochloride 1 g AG-CR1-3610-G001 Data Sheet
AEBSF . hydrochloride 50 mg AG-CR1-3610-M050 Data Sheet
AEBSF . hydrochloride 250 mg AG-CR1-3610-M250 Data Sheet
Aerothionin 1 mg AG-CN2-0453-M001 Data Sheet
AFC Standard Solution 100 ul AG-CS1-0104-R100 Data Sheet
Aftin-4 1 mg AG-MR-C0014-M001 Data Sheet
Aftin-4 5 mg AG-MR-C0014-M005 Data Sheet
Aftin-4 25 mg AG-MR-C0014-M025 Data Sheet
Aftin-5 1 mg AG-MR-C0015-M001 Data Sheet
Aftin-5 5 mg AG-MR-C0015-M005 Data Sheet
Aftin-5 25 mg AG-MR-C0015-M025 Data Sheet
Ageladine A . TFA 200 ug AG-CMA-1001-C200 Data Sheet
Agelasine D 1 mg AG-CN2-0492-M001 Data Sheet
AGI-5198 5 mg AG-CR1-3528-M005 Data Sheet
AGI-5198 25 mg AG-CR1-3528-M025 Data Sheet
AICAR 10 mg AG-CR1-0061-M010 Data Sheet
AICAR 50 mg AG-CR1-0061-M050 Data Sheet
AICAR 100 mg AG-CR1-0061-M100 Data Sheet
AK-7 5 mg AG-CR1-3511-M005 Data Sheet
AK-7 25 mg AG-CR1-3511-M025 Data Sheet
Aloeresin A 500 ug AG-CN2-0439-C500 Data Sheet
Aloesin 500 ug AG-CN2-0437-C500 Data Sheet
Aloxistatin [E-64d] 1 mg AG-CR1-3737-M001 Data Sheet
Aloxistatin [E-64d] 5 mg AG-CR1-3737-M005 Data Sheet
Aloxistatin [E-64d] 25 mg AG-CR1-3737-M025 Data Sheet
alpha-Cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid 1 g AG-CR1-3686-G001 Data Sheet
alpha-Galactosylceramide (Dansylated) 1 mg AG-CN2-0514-M001 Data Sheet
alpha-Galactosylceramide [alpha-Gal-Cer; KRN7000] 250 ug AG-CN2-0013-C250 Data Sheet
alpha-Galactosylceramide [alpha-Gal-Cer; KRN7000] 1 mg AG-CN2-0013-M001 Data Sheet
alpha-Galactosylceramide Analog 8 500 ug AG-CR1-3622-C500 Data Sheet
alpha-Galactosylceramide Analog I (water soluble) [KBC-007] 100 ug AG-CR1-3608-C100 Data Sheet
alpha-Mannosylceramide 250 ug AG-CR1-3594-C250 Data Sheet
alpha-Mannosylceramide 1 mg AG-CR1-3594-M001 Data Sheet
alpha-NETA 5 mg AG-CR1-0151-M005 Data Sheet
alpha-NETA 25 mg AG-CR1-0151-M025 Data Sheet
Alsterpaullone 1 mg AG-CR1-0036-M001 Data Sheet
Alsterpaullone 5 mg AG-CR1-0036-M005 Data Sheet
Altenusin 1 mg AG-CN2-0143-M001 Data Sheet
Altenusin 5 mg AG-CN2-0143-M005 Data Sheet
Alternarienonic acid 1 mg AG-CN2-0493-M001 Data Sheet
Altersolanol A 1 mg AG-CN2-0436-M001 Data Sheet
Amastatin . hydrochloride 1 mg AG-CP3-7003-M001 Data Sheet
Amastatin . hydrochloride 5 mg AG-CP3-7003-M005 Data Sheet
Amauromine 250 ug AG-CN2-0113-C250 Data Sheet
Amauromine 1 mg AG-CN2-0113-M001 Data Sheet
Ambuic acid 250 ug AG-CN2-0129-C250 Data Sheet
Ambuic acid 1 mg AG-CN2-0129-M001 Data Sheet
AMC Standard Solution 100 ul AG-CS1-0105-R100 Data Sheet
AMI-1  5 mg AG-CR1-0038-M005 Data Sheet
AMI-1  25 mg AG-CR1-0038-M025 Data Sheet
Amidepsine A 1 mg AG-CN2-0109-M001 Data Sheet
Amidepsine A 2.5 mg AG-CN2-0109-MM25 Data Sheet
Amidepsine D 1 mg AG-CN2-0110-M001 Data Sheet
Amidepsine D 2.5 mg AG-CN2-0110-MM25 Data Sheet
Amlexanox 10 mg AG-CR1-3579-M010 Data Sheet
Amlexanox 50 mg AG-CR1-3579-M050 Data Sheet
Amorfrutin A 500 ug AG-CN2-0462-C500 Data Sheet
Amorfrutin B 500 ug AG-CN2-0464-C500 Data Sheet
Amorfrutin B 1 mg AG-CN2-0464-M001 Data Sheet
Anacardic acid 5 mg AG-CR1-0046-M005 Data Sheet
Anacardic acid 25 mg AG-CR1-0046-M025 Data Sheet
Andrastin A 250 ug AG-CN2-0144-C250 Data Sheet
Andrastin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0144-M001 Data Sheet
Anomalin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0006-M001 Data Sheet
Antipain . dihydrochloride 5 mg AG-CP3-7002-M005 Data Sheet
Antipain . dihydrochloride 25 mg AG-CP3-7002-M025 Data Sheet
Apcin 5 mg AG-CR1-3603-M005 Data Sheet
Apcin 25 mg AG-CR1-3603-M025 Data Sheet
Apicidin 1 mg AG-CN2-0087-M001 Data Sheet
Apicidin 5 mg AG-CN2-0087-M005 Data Sheet
AP-III-a4 . HCl 1 mg AG-CR1-3696-M001 Data Sheet
AP-III-a4 . HCl 5 mg AG-CR1-3696-M005 Data Sheet
Aranorosin 250 ug AG-CN2-0114-C250 Data Sheet
Aranorosin 1 mg AG-CN2-0114-M001 Data Sheet
Aranorosinol B 1 mg AG-CN2-0494-M001 Data Sheet
Arglabin 1 mg AG-CN2-0458-M001 Data Sheet
Arglabin 5 mg AG-CN2-0458-M005 Data Sheet
Artemisinin 1 g AG-CN2-0467-G001 Data Sheet
Artemisinin 100 mg AG-CN2-0467-M100 Data Sheet
Artemisinin 500 mg AG-CN2-0467-M500 Data Sheet
Artesunate 1 g AG-CN2-0469-G001 Data Sheet
Artesunate 100 mg AG-CN2-0469-M100 Data Sheet
Artesunate 500 mg AG-CN2-0469-M500 Data Sheet
Arzanol 1 mg AG-CN2-0500-M001 Data Sheet
Ascomycin (high purity) 1 mg AG-CN2-0420-M001 Data Sheet
Ascomycin (high purity) 5 mg AG-CN2-0420-M005 Data Sheet
Ascomycin (high purity) 25 mg AG-CN2-0420-M025 Data Sheet
Asialo-GM1 500 ug AG-CN2-9008-C500 Data Sheet
Asialo-GM1 1 mg AG-CN2-9008-M001 Data Sheet
Asialo-GM2 100 ug AG-CN2-9009-C100 Data Sheet
Asiatic acid 5 mg AG-CN2-0400-M005 Data Sheet
Asiatic acid 25 mg AG-CN2-0400-M025 Data Sheet
Asiaticoside 10 mg AG-CN2-0080-M010 Data Sheet
Asiaticoside 50 mg AG-CN2-0080-M050 Data Sheet
Aspergillimide 1 mg AG-CN2-0145-M001 Data Sheet
Aspergillimide 5 mg AG-CN2-0145-M005 Data Sheet
Aspergillin PZ 1 mg AG-CN2-0162-M001 Data Sheet
Aspergillin PZ 5 mg AG-CN2-0162-M005 Data Sheet
Asperphenamate 250 ug AG-CN2-0171-C250 Data Sheet
Asperphenamate 1 mg AG-CN2-0171-M001 Data Sheet
Aspochalasin I 1 mg AG-CN2-0168-M001 Data Sheet
Aspochalasin I 2.5 mg AG-CN2-0168-MM25 Data Sheet
Aspterric acid 1 mg AG-CN2-0132-M001 Data Sheet
AST-487 1 mg AG-CR1-3745-M001 Data Sheet
AST-487 5 mg AG-CR1-3745-M005 Data Sheet
AST-487 25 mg AG-CR1-3745-M025 Data Sheet
Astaxanthin 5 mg AG-CN2-0055-M005 Data Sheet
Astaxanthin 25 mg AG-CN2-0055-M025 Data Sheet
Atpenin A5 250 ug AG-CN2-0100-C250 Data Sheet
Atpenin A5 1 mg AG-CN2-0100-M001 Data Sheet
Auranofin 25 mg AG-CR1-3611-M025 Data Sheet
Auranofin 100 mg AG-CR1-3611-M100 Data Sheet
Aurodox 1 mg AG-CN2-0133-M001 Data Sheet
Aurodox 2.5 mg AG-CN2-0133-MM25 Data Sheet
Avarol 1 mg AG-CN2-0044-M001 Data Sheet
Averufin 1 mg AG-CN2-0527-M001 Data Sheet
AZ 960 1 mg AG-CR1-3752-M001 Data Sheet
AZ 960 5 mg AG-CR1-3752-M005 Data Sheet
AZ 960 25 mg AG-CR1-3752-M025 Data Sheet
AZ191 1 mg AG-CR1-3657-M001 Data Sheet
AZ191 5 mg AG-CR1-3657-M005 Data Sheet
AZ191 25 mg AG-CR1-3657-M025 Data Sheet
AZD 7545 1 mg AG-CR1-3692-M001 Data Sheet
AZD 7545 5 mg AG-CR1-3692-M005 Data Sheet
AZD 7545 10 mg AG-CR1-3692-M010 Data Sheet
Bakuchiol 1 mg AG-CN2-0495-M001 Data Sheet
Baricitinib 10 mg AG-CR1-3734-M010 Data Sheet
Baricitinib 50 mg AG-CR1-3734-M050 Data Sheet
Baricitinib 250 mg AG-CR1-3734-M250 Data Sheet
BAY 11-7082 10 mg AG-CR1-0013-M010 Data Sheet
BAY 11-7082 50 mg AG-CR1-0013-M050 Data Sheet
BAY 43-9006 1 mg AG-CR1-0025-M001 Data Sheet
BAY 43-9006 5 mg AG-CR1-0025-M005 Data Sheet
BAY 43-9006 25 mg AG-CR1-0025-M025 Data Sheet
BAY 58-2667 . hydrochloride 1 mg AG-CR1-3509-M001 Data Sheet
BE-31405 1 mg AG-CN2-0302-M001 Data Sheet
Beauvericin 1 mg AG-CN2-0043-M001 Data Sheet
Beauvericin 5 mg AG-CN2-0043-M005 Data Sheet
beta-Mannosylceramide 250 ug AG-CR1-3621-C250 Data Sheet
beta-Mannosylceramide 1 mg AG-CR1-3621-M001 Data Sheet
Betulin 1 g AG-CN2-0476-G001 Data Sheet
Betulin 250 mg AG-CN2-0476-M250 Data Sheet
Betulinic acid (>97%) 1 g AG-CN2-0417-G001 Data Sheet
Betulinic acid (>97%) 100 mg AG-CN2-0417-M100 Data Sheet
Betulinic acid (>97%) 500 mg AG-CN2-0417-M500 Data Sheet
Betulinic acid (>99%) 5 mg AG-CN2-0415-M005 Data Sheet
Betulinic acid (>99%) 25 mg AG-CN2-0415-M025 Data Sheet
Betulinic acid (>99%) 100 mg AG-CN2-0415-M100 Data Sheet
Bikaverin 250 ug AG-CN2-0130-C250 Data Sheet
Bikaverin 1 mg AG-CN2-0130-M001 Data Sheet
Bilobalide 10 mg AG-CN2-0026-M010 Data Sheet
Bilobalide 50 mg AG-CN2-0026-M050 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide I (free base) [GF-109203X; Gö 6850] 1 mg AG-CR1-0009-M001 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide I (free base) [GF-109203X; Gö 6850] 5 mg AG-CR1-0009-M005 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide I . hydrochloride [GF-109203X; Gö 6850] 1 mg AG-CR1-0110-M001 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide I . hydrochloride [GF-109203X; Gö 6850] 5 mg AG-CR1-0110-M005 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide II 1 mg AG-CR1-0010-M001 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide II 5 mg AG-CR1-0010-M005 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide III 1 mg AG-CR1-0112-M001 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide III 5 mg AG-CR1-0112-M005 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide IV [Ro 31-6233] 1 mg AG-CR1-0152-M001 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide IV [Ro 31-6233] 5 mg AG-CR1-0152-M005 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide IX . methansulfonate [Ro 31-8220] 1 mg AG-CR1-0111-M001 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide IX . methansulfonate [Ro 31-8220] 5 mg AG-CR1-0111-M005 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide V [Ro 31-6045] 1 mg AG-CR1-0023-M001 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide V [Ro 31-6045] 5 mg AG-CR1-0023-M005 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide VIII . AcOH [Ro 31-7549] 1 mg AG-CR1-0114-M001 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide VIII . AcOH [Ro 31-7549] 5 mg AG-CR1-0114-M005 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide X . hydrochloride [Ro 31-8425] 1 mg AG-CR1-0113-M001 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide X . hydrochloride [Ro 31-8425] 5 mg AG-CR1-0113-M005 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide XI . hydrochloride [Ro 32-0432] 1 mg AG-CR1-0109-M001 Data Sheet
Bisindolylmaleimide XI . hydrochloride [Ro 32-0432] 5 mg AG-CR1-0109-M005 Data Sheet
BIX 01294 (free base) 1 mg AG-CR1-0051-M001 Data Sheet
BIX 01294 (free base) 5 mg AG-CR1-0051-M005 Data Sheet
BIX 01294 (free base) 25 mg AG-CR1-0051-M025 Data Sheet
BIX 01294 . trihydrochloride 1 mg AG-CR1-0150-M001 Data Sheet
BIX 01294 . trihydrochloride 5 mg AG-CR1-0150-M005 Data Sheet
BIX 01294 . trihydrochloride 25 mg AG-CR1-0150-M025 Data Sheet
BLZ-945 1 mg AG-CR1-3609-M001 Data Sheet
BLZ-945 5 mg AG-CR1-3609-M005 Data Sheet
BLZ-945 25 mg AG-CR1-3609-M025 Data Sheet
BMS-3 5 mg AG-CR1-2901-M005 Data Sheet
BMS-3 25 mg AG-CR1-2901-M025 Data Sheet
BMS-309403 1 mg AG-CR1-3640-M001 Data Sheet
BMS-309403 5 mg AG-CR1-3640-M005 Data Sheet
BMS-309403 25 mg AG-CR1-3640-M025 Data Sheet
Boc-Asp(OMe)-FMK 1 mg AG-CP3-0030-M001 Data Sheet
Boc-Asp(OMe)-FMK 5 mg AG-CP3-0030-M005 Data Sheet
Boceprevir 5 mg AG-CR1-3735-M005 Data Sheet
Boceprevir 10 mg AG-CR1-3735-M010 Data Sheet
Boceprevir 50 mg AG-CR1-3735-M050 Data Sheet
Boc-Leu-Arg-Arg-AMC 1 mg AG-CP3-0014-M001 Data Sheet
Boc-Leu-Arg-Arg-AMC 5 mg AG-CP3-0014-M005 Data Sheet
Boromycin 250 ug AG-CN2-0166-C250 Data Sheet
Boromycin 1 mg AG-CN2-0166-M001 Data Sheet
Bostrycin 250 ug AG-CN2-0175-C250 Data Sheet
Bostrycin 1 mg AG-CN2-0175-M001 Data Sheet
BPTES 1 mg AG-CR1-3690-M001 Data Sheet
BPTES 5 mg AG-CR1-3690-M005 Data Sheet
BPTES 25 mg AG-CR1-3690-M025 Data Sheet
bpV(bipy) 5 mg AG-CR1-0047-M005 Data Sheet
bpV(bipy) 25 mg AG-CR1-0047-M025 Data Sheet
bpV(HOpic) 5 mg AG-CR1-0044-M005 Data Sheet
bpV(HOpic) 25 mg AG-CR1-0044-M025 Data Sheet
bpV(phen) 5 mg AG-CR1-0042-M005 Data Sheet
bpV(phen) 25 mg AG-CR1-0042-M025 Data Sheet
bpV(pic) 5 mg AG-CR1-0043-M005 Data Sheet
bpV(pic) 25 mg AG-CR1-0043-M025 Data Sheet
BQ-123 . sodium salt 1 mg AG-CP3-0001-M001 Data Sheet
BQ-123 . sodium salt 5 mg AG-CP3-0001-M005 Data Sheet
BQ-788 . sodium salt 500 ug AG-CP3-0012-C500 Data Sheet
BQ-788 . sodium salt 1 mg AG-CP3-0012-M001 Data Sheet
Bradykinin 5 mg AG-CP3-0025-M005 Data Sheet
Bradykinin 25 mg AG-CP3-0025-M025 Data Sheet
BRS-3 Agonist 500 ug AG-CR1-3607-C500 Data Sheet
Budesonide 10 mg AG-CR1-3753-M010 Data Sheet
Budesonide 50 mg AG-CR1-3753-M050 Data Sheet
Budesonide 250 mg AG-CR1-3753-M250 Data Sheet
Bufalin 10 mg AG-CN2-0533-M010 Data Sheet
Bufalin 50 mg AG-CN2-0533-M050 Data Sheet
Bumetanide 1 g AG-CR1-3543-G001 Data Sheet
Bumetanide 5 g AG-CR1-3543-G005 Data Sheet
Bumetanide 250 mg AG-CR1-3543-M250 Data Sheet
Butyrolactone 3 2 mg AG-CR1-3522-M002 Data Sheet
Butyrolactone II 500 ug AG-CN2-0423-C500 Data Sheet
C646 1 mg AG-CR1-3508-M001 Data Sheet
C646 5 mg AG-CR1-3508-M005 Data Sheet
CA77.1 [CMA Activator] 5 mg AG-CR1-0165-M005 Data Sheet
CA77.1 [CMA Activator] 25 mg AG-CR1-0165-M025 Data Sheet
Calphostin C 100 ug AG-CN2-0430-C100 Data Sheet
Calphostin C 1 mg AG-CN2-0430-M001 Data Sheet
Calpinactam 250 ug AG-CN2-0131-C250 Data Sheet
Calpinactam 1 mg AG-CN2-0131-M001 Data Sheet
Camostat . mesylate 10 mg AG-CR1-3716-M010 Data Sheet
Camostat . mesylate 50 mg AG-CR1-3716-M050 Data Sheet
Camostat . mesylate 250 mg AG-CR1-3716-M250 Data Sheet
L-(-)-Camphoric acid 1 g AG-CN2-0456-G001 Data Sheet
L-(-)-Camphoric acid 2.5 g AG-CN2-0456-GG25 Data Sheet
L-(-)-Camphoric acid 500 mg AG-CN2-0456-M500 Data Sheet
D-(+)-Camphoric acid 1 g AG-CN2-0461-G001 Data Sheet
Carbamoylcholine chloride 1 g AG-CR1-3649-G001 Data Sheet
Carbamoylcholine chloride 100 mg AG-CR1-3649-M100 Data Sheet
Carboplatin 25 mg AG-CR1-3591-M025 Data Sheet
Carboplatin 100 mg AG-CR1-3591-M100 Data Sheet
Carboplatin 250 mg AG-CR1-3591-M250 Data Sheet
Carfilzomib [PR-171] 1 mg AG-CR1-3669-M001 Data Sheet
Carfilzomib [PR-171] 5 mg AG-CR1-3669-M005 Data Sheet
Carfilzomib [PR-171] 25 mg AG-CR1-3669-M025 Data Sheet
(+)-Catechin . hydrate 1 g AG-CN2-0407-G001 Data Sheet
(+)-Catechin . hydrate 500 mg AG-CN2-0407-M500 Data Sheet
Celastrol 5 mg AG-CN2-0460-M005 Data Sheet
Celastrol 10 mg AG-CN2-0460-M010 Data Sheet
Celastrol 50 mg AG-CN2-0460-M050 Data Sheet
Cercosporin 1 mg AG-CN2-0111-M001 Data Sheet
Cercosporin 5 mg AG-CN2-0111-M005 Data Sheet
Cerulenin 5 mg AG-CN2-0513-M005 Data Sheet
Cerulenin 25 mg AG-CN2-0513-M025 Data Sheet
cGAMP . 2Na [STING Ligand] 100 ug AG-CR1-3588-C100 Data Sheet
cGAMP . 2Na [STING Ligand] 500 ug AG-CR1-3588-C500 Data Sheet
Chelerythrine chloride 1 mg AG-CR1-0071-M001 Data Sheet
Chelerythrine chloride 5 mg AG-CR1-0071-M005 Data Sheet
Chelerythrine chloride 25 mg AG-CR1-0071-M025 Data Sheet
Chenodeoxycholic acid 100 mg AG-CN2-0410-M100 Data Sheet
Chenodeoxycholic acid 500 mg AG-CN2-0410-M500 Data Sheet
Chloroguanabenz . acetate 1 mg AG-MR-C0036-M001 Data Sheet
Chloroguanabenz . acetate 5 mg AG-MR-C0036-M005 Data Sheet
Chloroquine . diphosphate 1 g AG-CR1-3721-G001 Data Sheet
Chloroquine . diphosphate 5 g AG-CR1-3721-G005 Data Sheet
Chloroquine . diphosphate 25 g AG-CR1-3721-G025 Data Sheet
CHS-828 5 mg AG-CR1-0064-M005 Data Sheet
CHS-828 25 mg AG-CR1-0064-M025 Data Sheet
Ciglitazone 1 mg AG-CR1-0033-M001 Data Sheet
Ciglitazone 5 mg AG-CR1-0033-M005 Data Sheet
Ciglitazone 25 mg AG-CR1-0033-M025 Data Sheet
Cinnamtannin B-1 5 mg AG-CN2-0428-M005 Data Sheet
Cisplatin 50 mg AG-CR1-3590-M050 Data Sheet
Cisplatin 250 mg AG-CR1-3590-M250 Data Sheet
Citrinalin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0177-M001 Data Sheet
Citrinalin A 2.5 mg AG-CN2-0177-MM25 Data Sheet
Citrinin 1 mg AG-CN2-0101-M001 Data Sheet
Citrinin 5 mg AG-CN2-0101-M005 Data Sheet
Citrinin 25 mg AG-CN2-0101-M025 Data Sheet
CK2 Inhibitor 10 1 mg AG-CR1-3626-M001 Data Sheet
CK2 Inhibitor 10 5 mg AG-CR1-3626-M005 Data Sheet
CL 316,243 1 mg AG-CR1-3699-M001 Data Sheet
CL 316,243 5 mg AG-CR1-3699-M005 Data Sheet
clasto-Lactacystin beta-lactone 100 ug AG-CN2-0442-C100 Data Sheet
Clevudine 5 mg AG-CR1-3736-M005 Data Sheet
Clevudine 10 mg AG-CR1-3736-M010 Data Sheet
Clevudine 50 mg AG-CR1-3736-M050 Data Sheet
Colcemid 1 mg AG-CR1-3567-M001 Data Sheet
Colcemid 5 mg AG-CR1-3567-M005 Data Sheet
Colchicine 1 g AG-CN2-0048-G001 Data Sheet
Colchicine 500 mg AG-CN2-0048-M500 Data Sheet
Colistin sulfate (Ph.Eur. Grade) 1 g AG-CN2-0512-G001 Data Sheet
Colistin sulfate (Ph.Eur. Grade) 5 g AG-CN2-0512-G005 Data Sheet
Colistin sulfate (Ph.Eur. Grade) 100 mg AG-CN2-0512-M100 Data Sheet
Colistin sulfate (USP Grade) 1 g AG-CN2-0065-G001 Data Sheet
Colistin sulfate (USP Grade) 5 g AG-CN2-0065-G005 Data Sheet
Colistin sulfate (USP Grade) 100 mg AG-CN2-0065-M100 Data Sheet
Compound 112254 10 mg AG-CR1-0155-M010 Data Sheet
Compound 112254 50 mg AG-CR1-0155-M050 Data Sheet
Compound 112254 . hydrochloride (water soluble) 10 mg AG-CR1-0157-M010 Data Sheet
Compound 112254 . hydrochloride (water soluble) 50 mg AG-CR1-0157-M050 Data Sheet
Compound 34 200 ug AG-CR1-0007-C200 Data Sheet
Compound 34 1 mg AG-CR1-0007-M001 Data Sheet
Compound E 250 ug AG-CR1-0081-C250 Data Sheet
Compound E 1 mg AG-CR1-0081-M001 Data Sheet
Compound E 5 mg AG-CR1-0081-M005 Data Sheet
Convulxin 50 ug AG-CN2-0465-C050 Data Sheet
Corynesidone A 1 mg AG-CN2-0496-M001 Data Sheet
COX-2 Inhibitor 8c 1 mg AG-CR1-3606-M001 Data Sheet
Creatine . monohydrate 5 g AG-CR1-3679-G005 Data Sheet
Creatine . monohydrate 25 g AG-CR1-3679-G025 Data Sheet
CTPB 1 mg AG-CR1-0141-M001 Data Sheet
CTPB 5 mg AG-CR1-0141-M005 Data Sheet
Cucurbitacin B 1 mg AG-CN2-0472-M001 Data Sheet
Cucurbitacin B 5 mg AG-CN2-0472-M005 Data Sheet
Cucurbitacin B 25 mg AG-CN2-0472-M025 Data Sheet
Cucurbitacin E 1 mg AG-CN2-0474-M001 Data Sheet
Cucurbitacin E 5 mg AG-CN2-0474-M005 Data Sheet
Cucurbitacin E 25 mg AG-CN2-0474-M025 Data Sheet
Curcumin (high purity) 10 mg AG-CN2-0059-M010 Data Sheet
Curcumin (high purity) 50 mg AG-CN2-0059-M050 Data Sheet
Curcumin (high purity) 250 mg AG-CN2-0059-M250 Data Sheet
Curvularin 1 mg AG-CN2-0147-M001 Data Sheet
Curvularin 5 mg AG-CN2-0147-M005 Data Sheet
CX-4945 . hydrochloride [Silmitasertib . HCl] 1 mg AG-CR1-3629-M001 Data Sheet
CX-4945 . hydrochloride [Silmitasertib . HCl] 5 mg AG-CR1-3629-M005 Data Sheet
CX-4945 . hydrochloride [Silmitasertib . HCl] 25 mg AG-CR1-3629-M025 Data Sheet
Cycloaspeptide A 1 mg AG-CN2-0148-M001 Data Sheet
Cycloaspeptide A 5 mg AG-CN2-0148-M005 Data Sheet
Cyclopamine 1 mg AG-CN2-0028-M001 Data Sheet
Cyclopamine 5 mg AG-CN2-0028-M005 Data Sheet
Cyclopenin 1 mg AG-CN2-0134-M001 Data Sheet
Cyclopenin 5 mg AG-CN2-0134-M005 Data Sheet
Cyclopenol 1 mg AG-CN2-0136-M001 Data Sheet
Cyclosporin A 5 x 100 mg AG-CN2-0079-5100 Data Sheet
Cyclosporin A 1 g AG-CN2-0079-G001 Data Sheet
Cyclosporin A 100 mg AG-CN2-0079-M100 Data Sheet
Cyclosporin C 1 mg AG-CN2-0443-M001 Data Sheet
Cyclosporin C 5 mg AG-CN2-0443-M005 Data Sheet
Cyclosporin D 1 mg AG-CN2-0445-M001 Data Sheet
Cyclosporin D 5 mg AG-CN2-0445-M005 Data Sheet
Cyclosporin H 1 mg AG-CN2-0447-M001 Data Sheet
Cyclosporin H 5 mg AG-CN2-0447-M005 Data Sheet
Cytisine 5 mg AG-CN2-0075-M005 Data Sheet
Cytisine 25 mg AG-CN2-0075-M025 Data Sheet
Cytochalasin B 1 mg AG-CN2-0504-M001 Data Sheet
Cytochalasin B 5 mg AG-CN2-0504-M005 Data Sheet
Cytostatin 250 ug AG-CN2-0093-C250 Data Sheet
D-(+)-Melezitose . monohydrate 10 g AG-CC1-0009-G010 Data Sheet
D-(+)-Melezitose . monohydrate 50 g AG-CC1-0009-G050 Data Sheet
DABPH 1 mg AG-CR1-3906-M001 Data Sheet
DABPH 5 mg AG-CR1-3906-M005 Data Sheet
DAMGO . AcOH 1 mg AG-CP3-0005V-M001 Data Sheet
DAMGO . AcOH 5 mg AG-CP3-0005V-M005 Data Sheet
Dapansutrile 10 mg AG-CR1-3535-M010 Data Sheet
Dapansutrile 50 mg AG-CR1-3535-M050 Data Sheet
Dapansutrile 250 mg AG-CR1-3535-M250 Data Sheet
DAPI . dihydrochloride 5 mg AG-CR1-3668-M005 Data Sheet
DAPI . dihydrochloride 25 mg AG-CR1-3668-M025 Data Sheet
DAPI . dihydrochloride 100 mg AG-CR1-3668-M100 Data Sheet
DAPT 5 mg AG-CR1-0016-M005 Data Sheet
DAPT 25 mg AG-CR1-0016-M025 Data Sheet
Darunavir 10 mg AG-CR1-3712-M010 Data Sheet
Darunavir 50 mg AG-CR1-3712-M050 Data Sheet
Darunavir 250 mg AG-CR1-3712-M250 Data Sheet
Darunavir . ethanolate 10 mg AG-CR1-3724-M010 Data Sheet
Darunavir . ethanolate 50 mg AG-CR1-3724-M050 Data Sheet
Darunavir . ethanolate 250 mg AG-CR1-3724-M250 Data Sheet
Dasatinib 10 mg AG-CR1-3540-M010 Data Sheet
Dasatinib 50 mg AG-CR1-3540-M050 Data Sheet
Dasatinib 250 mg AG-CR1-3540-M250 Data Sheet
Debromohymenialdisine 100 ug AG-CN2-0068-C100 Data Sheet
Delanzomib [CEP-18770] 1 mg AG-CR1-3673-M001 Data Sheet
Delanzomib [CEP-18770] 5 mg AG-CR1-3673-M005 Data Sheet
Delanzomib [CEP-18770] 25 mg AG-CR1-3673-M025 Data Sheet
Dermcidin-1L (human) . TFA 1 mg AG-CP3-0039-M001 Data Sheet
Dermcidin-1L (human) . TFA 5 mg AG-CP3-0039-M005 Data Sheet
D-erythro-Dihydrosphingosine 1-phosphate 1 mg AG-CR1-0005-M001 Data Sheet
D-erythro-Dihydrosphingosine 1-phosphate 5 mg AG-CR1-0005-M005 Data Sheet
DETA NONOate 5 mg AG-CR1-3614-M005 Data Sheet
DETA NONOate 25 mg AG-CR1-3614-M025 Data Sheet
Dexamethasone 1 g AG-CR1-3742-G001 Data Sheet
Dexamethasone 5 g AG-CR1-3742-G005 Data Sheet
Dexamethasone 50 mg AG-CR1-3742-M050 Data Sheet
Dexamethasone 500 mg AG-CR1-3742-M500 Data Sheet
Dexamethasone phosphate . disodium salt 1 g AG-CR1-3744-G001 Data Sheet
Dexamethasone phosphate . disodium salt 5 g AG-CR1-3744-G005 Data Sheet
Dexamethasone phosphate . disodium salt 50 mg AG-CR1-3744-M050 Data Sheet
Dexamethasone phosphate . disodium salt 500 mg AG-CR1-3744-M500 Data Sheet
Dihydroartemisinin 1 g AG-CN2-0468-G001 Data Sheet
Dihydroartemisinin 50 mg AG-CN2-0468-M050 Data Sheet
Dihydroartemisinin 250 mg AG-CN2-0468-M250 Data Sheet
Dihydrochlamydocin 250 ug AG-CN2-0115-C250 Data Sheet
Dihydrochlamydocin 1 mg AG-CN2-0115-M001 Data Sheet
Dimethyl fumarate 1 g AG-CR1-3701-G001 Data Sheet
Dimethyl fumarate 5 g AG-CR1-3701-G005 Data Sheet
Dimethyl fumarate 25 g AG-CR1-3701-G025 Data Sheet
D-Mannoheptulose 5 mg AG-CR1-3695-M005 Data Sheet
D-Mannoheptulose 25 mg AG-CR1-3695-M025 Data Sheet
DMAPB 1 mg AG-CR1-3904-M001 Data Sheet
DMAPB 5 mg AG-CR1-3904-M005 Data Sheet
DMAT 1 mg AG-CR1-3654-M001 Data Sheet
DMAT 5 mg AG-CR1-3654-M005 Data Sheet
DMAT 25 mg AG-CR1-3654-M025 Data Sheet
DMNQ 5 mg AG-CR1-3598-M005 Data Sheet
DMNQ 10 mg AG-CR1-3598-M010 Data Sheet
DMNQ 25 mg AG-CR1-3598-M025 Data Sheet
D-NMMA . monoacetate 5 mg AG-CR1-3580-M005 Data Sheet
D-NMMA . monoacetate 25 mg AG-CR1-3580-M025 Data Sheet
D-NMMA . monoacetate 100 mg AG-CR1-3580-M100 Data Sheet
n-Dodecyl-alpha-D-maltoside (ultrapure) 1 g AG-CC1-0006-G001 Data Sheet
n-Dodecyl-alpha-D-maltoside (ultrapure) 5 g AG-CC1-0006-G005 Data Sheet
n-Dodecyl-alpha-D-maltoside (ultrapure) 25 g AG-CC1-0006-G025 Data Sheet
n-Dodecyl-beta-D-maltoside (ultrapure) 1 g AG-CC1-0004-G001 Data Sheet
n-Dodecyl-beta-D-maltoside (ultrapure) 5 g AG-CC1-0004-G005 Data Sheet
n-Dodecyl-beta-D-maltoside (ultrapure) 25 g AG-CC1-0004-G025 Data Sheet
DPQ 1 mg AG-CR1-0037-M001 Data Sheet
DPQ 5 mg AG-CR1-0037-M005 Data Sheet
DPVP (Resveratrol Analog) 1 mg AG-CR1-3604-M001 Data Sheet
Ds(+)-threo-Isocitric acid . trisodium salt
1 g AG-CR1-3505-G001 Data Sheet
Ds(+)-threo-Isocitric acid . trisodium salt
25 mg AG-CR1-3505-M025 Data Sheet
Ds(+)-threo-Isocitric acid . trisodium salt
100 mg AG-CR1-3505-M100 Data Sheet
Dynasore 5 mg AG-CR1-0045-M005 Data Sheet
Dynasore 25 mg AG-CR1-0045-M025 Data Sheet
DYRK1 Inhibitor Negative Control AnnH79  500 ug AG-CR1-3652-C500 Data Sheet
DYRK1A/B Inhibitor AnnH31 500 ug AG-CR1-3650-C500 Data Sheet
DYRK1A/B Inhibitor AnnH75 500 ug AG-CR1-3651-C500 Data Sheet
Ebselen 1 mg AG-CR1-0031-M001 Data Sheet
Ebselen 5 mg AG-CR1-0031-M005 Data Sheet
Ebselen 25 mg AG-CR1-0031-M025 Data Sheet
Ecdysone 1 mg AG-CN2-0071-M001 Data Sheet
Ecdysone 5 mg AG-CN2-0071-M005 Data Sheet
Ecdysone 10 mg AG-CN2-0071-M010 Data Sheet
Ectoine 1 g AG-CN2-0390-G001 Data Sheet
Ectoine 10 g AG-CN2-0390-G010 Data Sheet
Ectoine 100 g AG-CN2-0390-G100 Data Sheet
Ectoine 1000 g AG-CN2-0390-GT01 Data Sheet
Ectoine (ultrapure) 1 g AG-CN2-0391-G001 Data Sheet
Ectoine (ultrapure) 10 g AG-CN2-0391-G010 Data Sheet
Ectoine (ultrapure) 100 g AG-CN2-0391-G100 Data Sheet
Ectoine (ultrapure) 1000 g AG-CN2-0391-GT01 Data Sheet
Efavirenz 10 mg AG-CR1-3751-M010 Data Sheet
Efavirenz 50 mg AG-CR1-3751-M050 Data Sheet
Efavirenz 250 mg AG-CR1-3751-M250 Data Sheet
EIDD-2801 10 mg AG-CR1-3733-M010 Data Sheet
EIDD-2801 50 mg AG-CR1-3733-M050 Data Sheet
Elbasvir 1 mg AG-CR1-3729-M001 Data Sheet
Elbasvir 5 mg AG-CR1-3729-M005 Data Sheet
Elbasvir 25 mg AG-CR1-3729-M025 Data Sheet
EM574 [Motilide] 250 ug AG-CN2-0102-C250 Data Sheet
EM574 [Motilide] 1 mg AG-CN2-0102-M001 Data Sheet
Emodin 50 mg AG-CN2-0457-M050 Data Sheet
Emodin 250 mg AG-CN2-0457-M250 Data Sheet
Empagliflozin 10 mg AG-CR1-3619-M010 Data Sheet
Empagliflozin 50 mg AG-CR1-3619-M050 Data Sheet
Enniatin A 0.5 mg AG-CN2-0477-MC05 Data Sheet
Enniatin A1 1 mg AG-CN2-0478-M001 Data Sheet
Enniatin B 1 mg AG-CN2-0479-M001 Data Sheet
Enniatin B 5 mg AG-CN2-0479-M005 Data Sheet
Enniatin B1 1 mg AG-CN2-0480-M001 Data Sheet
Enoxacin 50 mg AG-CR1-3539-M050 Data Sheet
Enoxacin 250 mg AG-CR1-3539-M250 Data Sheet
Entacapone 5 mg AG-CR1-3708-M005 Data Sheet
Entacapone 25 mg AG-CR1-3708-M025 Data Sheet
Enterocin 250 ug AG-CN2-0116-C250 Data Sheet
Enterocin 1 mg AG-CN2-0116-M001 Data Sheet
Epacadostat 5 mg AG-CR1-3634-M005 Data Sheet
Epacadostat 25 mg AG-CR1-3634-M025 Data Sheet
epi-Aszonalenin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0163-M001 Data Sheet
epi-Aszonalenin A 5 mg AG-CN2-0163-M005 Data Sheet
Epoxomicin 50 ug AG-CN2-0422-C050 Data Sheet
Epoxomicin 100 ug AG-CN2-0422-C100 Data Sheet
Epoxomicin 250 ug AG-CN2-0422-C250 Data Sheet
Epoxomicin 500 ug AG-CN2-0422-C500 Data Sheet
EPZ-6438 5 mg AG-CR1-3743-M005 Data Sheet
EPZ-6438 10 mg AG-CR1-3743-M010 Data Sheet
EPZ-6438 25 mg AG-CR1-3743-M025 Data Sheet
EPZ-6438 100 mg AG-CR1-3743-M100 Data Sheet
Etoposide 5 x 100 mg AG-CR1-3572-5100 Data Sheet
Etoposide 25 mg AG-CR1-3572-M025 Data Sheet
Etoposide 100 mg AG-CR1-3572-M100 Data Sheet
Eupatilin 5 mg AG-CN2-0432-M005 Data Sheet
Eupatilin 25 mg AG-CN2-0432-M025 Data Sheet
Euphol 1 mg AG-CN2-0541-M001 Data Sheet
Euphol 5 mg AG-CN2-0541-M005 Data Sheet
Euphol 25 mg AG-CN2-0541-M025 Data Sheet
Everolimus 1 mg AG-CN2-0520-M001 Data Sheet
Everolimus 5 mg AG-CN2-0520-M005 Data Sheet
Everolimus 25 mg AG-CN2-0520-M025 Data Sheet
Famotidine 1 g AG-CR1-3730-G001 Data Sheet
Famotidine 5 g AG-CR1-3730-G005 Data Sheet
Favipiravir 5 mg AG-CR1-3717-M005 Data Sheet
Favipiravir 25 mg AG-CR1-3717-M025 Data Sheet
Favipiravir 100 mg AG-CR1-3717-M100 Data Sheet
Ferulenol 1 mg AG-CN2-0011-M001 Data Sheet
Ferulenol 5 mg AG-CN2-0011-M005 Data Sheet
Ferulenol 10 mg AG-CN2-0011-M010 Data Sheet
Ferutinin (high purity) 1 mg AG-CN2-0007-M001 Data Sheet
Ferutinin (high purity) 5 mg AG-CN2-0007-M005 Data Sheet
Ferutinin (high purity) 10 mg AG-CN2-0007-M010 Data Sheet
Finasteride 25 mg AG-CR1-3589-M025 Data Sheet
Finasteride 100 mg AG-CR1-3589-M100 Data Sheet
Finasteride 500 mg AG-CR1-3589-M500 Data Sheet
FINDY 1 mg AG-CR1-3662-M001 Data Sheet
FINDY 5 mg AG-CR1-3662-M005 Data Sheet
Fipronil 1 g AG-CR1-3648-G001 Data Sheet
Fipronil 100 mg AG-CR1-3648-M100 Data Sheet
FK-506 [Tacrolimus] 1 mg AG-CN2-0047-M001 Data Sheet
FK-506 [Tacrolimus] 5 mg AG-CN2-0047-M005 Data Sheet
FK-506 [Tacrolimus] 25 mg AG-CN2-0047-M025 Data Sheet
FK-866 1 mg AG-CR1-0011-M001 Data Sheet
FK-866 5 mg AG-CR1-0011-M005 Data Sheet
Forskolin 1 mg AG-CN2-0089-M001 Data Sheet
Forskolin 5 mg AG-CN2-0089-M005 Data Sheet
Forskolin 25 mg AG-CN2-0089-M025 Data Sheet
Forskolin 50 mg AG-CN2-0089-M050 Data Sheet
Fostriecin 10 ug AG-CN2-0057-C010 Data Sheet
FSL-1 100 ug AG-CP3-0009-C100 Data Sheet
FTY720 . hydrochloride 1 mg AG-CR1-3587-M001 Data Sheet
FTY720 . hydrochloride 5 mg AG-CR1-3587-M005 Data Sheet
FTY720 . hydrochloride 25 mg AG-CR1-3587-M025 Data Sheet
Fulvic acid 1 mg AG-CN2-0135-M001 Data Sheet
Fulvic acid 5 mg AG-CN2-0135-M005 Data Sheet
Fumagillin 1 mg AG-CN2-0529-M001 Data Sheet
Fumagillin 5 mg AG-CN2-0529-M005 Data Sheet
Fumagillin 25 mg AG-CN2-0529-M025 Data Sheet
Funalenone 1 mg AG-CN2-0137-M001 Data Sheet
Fuscin 1 mg AG-CN2-0138-M001 Data Sheet
Fuscin 2.5 mg AG-CN2-0138-MM25 Data Sheet
G418 . sulfate 1 g AG-CN2-0030-G001 Data Sheet
G418 . sulfate 5 g AG-CN2-0030-G005 Data Sheet
G418 . sulfate 250 mg AG-CN2-0030-M250 Data Sheet
G418 . sulfate 500 mg AG-CN2-0030-M500 Data Sheet
GABA [gamma-Aminobutyric acid] 1 g AG-CR1-3664-G001 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GD1a . disodium salt (bovine brain) 1 mg AG-CN2-9003-M001 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GD1a . disodium salt (bovine brain) 5 mg AG-CN2-9003-M005 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GD1b . disodium salt (bovine brain) 1 mg AG-CN2-9004-M001 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GD3 . disodium salt (bovine brain) 500 ug AG-CN2-9005-C500 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GD3 . disodium salt (bovine brain) 1 mg AG-CN2-9005-M001 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GM1 . sodium salt (bovine brain) 1 mg AG-CN2-9000-M001 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GM1 . sodium salt (bovine brain) 5 mg AG-CN2-9000-M005 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GM1 . sodium salt (bovine brain) 10 mg AG-CN2-9000-M010 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GM2 . sodium salt (bovine brain) 500 ug AG-CN2-9001-C500 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GM3 . sodium salt (bovine brain) 1 mg AG-CN2-9002-M001 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GQ1b . tetrasodium salt (bovine brain) 100 ug AG-CN2-9007-C100 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GQ1b . tetrasodium salt (bovine brain) 500 ug AG-CN2-9007-C500 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GT1b . trisodium salt (bovine brain) 1 mg AG-CN2-9006-M001 Data Sheet
Ganglioside GT1b . trisodium salt (bovine brain) 5 mg AG-CN2-9006-M005 Data Sheet
GANT61 1 mg AG-CR1-3561-M001 Data Sheet
GANT61 5 mg AG-CR1-3561-M005 Data Sheet
Gardiquimod 5 mg AG-CR1-3583-M005 Data Sheet
Gardiquimod 25 mg AG-CR1-3583-M025 Data Sheet
GE2270 D2 1 mg AG-CN2-0304-M001 Data Sheet
GE2270 D2 5 mg AG-CN2-0304-M005 Data Sheet
GE2270 D2 25 mg AG-CN2-0304-M025 Data Sheet
GE2270A 1 mg AG-CN2-0303-M001 Data Sheet
GE2270A 5 mg AG-CN2-0303-M005 Data Sheet
GE2270A 25 mg AG-CN2-0303-M025 Data Sheet
GE23077 A1/B1 1 mg AG-CN2-0305-M001 Data Sheet
GE23077 A1/B1 5 mg AG-CN2-0305-M005 Data Sheet
GE23077 A1/B1 25 mg AG-CN2-0305-M025 Data Sheet
GE81112 A/B 1 mg AG-CN2-0306-M001 Data Sheet
GE81112 A/B 5 mg AG-CN2-0306-M005 Data Sheet
GE81112 A/B 25 mg AG-CN2-0306-M025 Data Sheet
GeA-69 1 mg AG-CR1-3706-M001 Data Sheet
Genipin 25 mg AG-CN2-0481-M025 Data Sheet
Genipin 100 mg AG-CN2-0481-M100 Data Sheet
Genipin 500 mg AG-CN2-0481-M500 Data Sheet
Genistein 10 mg AG-CN2-0427-M010 Data Sheet
Genistein 50 mg AG-CN2-0427-M050 Data Sheet
Genistein 250 mg AG-CN2-0427-M250 Data Sheet
Gentamicin sulfate (USP Grade) 1 g AG-CN2-0066-G001 Data Sheet
Gentamicin sulfate (USP Grade) 5 g AG-CN2-0066-G005 Data Sheet
Gentamicin sulfate (USP Grade) 25 g AG-CN2-0066-G025 Data Sheet
Geodin 1 mg AG-CN2-0139-M001 Data Sheet
Geodin 5 mg AG-CN2-0139-M005 Data Sheet
Gitoxin 5 mg AG-CN2-0485-M005 Data Sheet
Gitoxin 25 mg AG-CN2-0485-M025 Data Sheet
Globosuxanthone A 250 ug AG-CN2-0174-C250 Data Sheet
Globosuxanthone A 1 mg AG-CN2-0174-M001 Data Sheet
Glucosylglycerol 1 g AG-CN2-0393-G001 Data Sheet
Glucosylglycerol 10 g AG-CN2-0393-G010 Data Sheet
Glucosylglycerol 100 g AG-CN2-0393-G100 Data Sheet
Glucosylglycerol 1000 g AG-CN2-0393-GT01 Data Sheet
Glyburide (USP) 1 g AG-CR1-3613-G001 Data Sheet
Glyburide (USP) 5 g AG-CR1-3613-G005 Data Sheet
Glyburide (USP) 10 g AG-CR1-3613-G010 Data Sheet
GS-441524 (Remdesivir Metabolite) 5 mg AG-CR1-3722-M005 Data Sheet
GS-441524 (Remdesivir Metabolite) 10 mg AG-CR1-3722-M010 Data Sheet
GS-441524 (Remdesivir Metabolite) 50 mg AG-CR1-3722-M050 Data Sheet
GSK2837808A 1 mg AG-CR1-3685-M001 Data Sheet
GSK2837808A 5 mg AG-CR1-3685-M005 Data Sheet
GSK690693 5 mg AG-CR1-3628-M005 Data Sheet
GSK690693 25 mg AG-CR1-3628-M025 Data Sheet
GV-58 1 mg AG-MR-C0035-M001 Data Sheet
GV-58 5 mg AG-MR-C0035-M005 Data Sheet
GW1929 1 mg AG-CR1-0116-M001 Data Sheet
GW1929 5 mg AG-CR1-0116-M005 Data Sheet
GW1929 25 mg AG-CR1-0116-M025 Data Sheet
GW311616A . hydrochloride 1 mg AG-CR1-3632-M001 Data Sheet
GW311616A . hydrochloride 5 mg AG-CR1-3632-M005 Data Sheet
GW311616A . hydrochloride 25 mg AG-CR1-3632-M025 Data Sheet
GW501516 1 mg AG-CR1-3641-M001 Data Sheet
GW501516 5 mg AG-CR1-3641-M005 Data Sheet
GW501516 25 mg AG-CR1-3641-M025 Data Sheet
GYY 4137 10 mg AG-CR1-3513-M010 Data Sheet
GYY 4137 50 mg AG-CR1-3513-M050 Data Sheet
H2S Donor 5a 5 mg AG-CR1-3510-M005 Data Sheet
H2S Donor 5a 25 mg AG-CR1-3510-M025 Data Sheet
H-8 . dihydrochloride 10 mg AG-CR1-0001-M010 Data Sheet
H-8 . dihydrochloride 50 mg AG-CR1-0001-M050 Data Sheet
H-89 . dihydrochloride 1 mg AG-CR1-0002-M001 Data Sheet
H-89 . dihydrochloride 5 mg AG-CR1-0002-M005 Data Sheet
H-89 . dihydrochloride 25 mg AG-CR1-0002-M025 Data Sheet
Harmine 10 mg AG-CN2-0510-M010 Data Sheet
Harmine 50 mg AG-CN2-0510-M050 Data Sheet
Harmine 250 mg AG-CN2-0510-M250 Data Sheet
Harzianopyridone 250 ug AG-CN2-0149-C250 Data Sheet
Harzianopyridone 1 mg AG-CN2-0149-M001 Data Sheet
Harzianum A 250 ug AG-CN2-0117-C250 Data Sheet
Harzianum A 1 mg AG-CN2-0117-M001 Data Sheet
H-D-Val-Leu-Lys-pNA . 2HCl 5 mg AG-CP3-0042-M005 Data Sheet
H-D-Val-Leu-Lys-pNA . 2HCl 25 mg AG-CP3-0042-M025 Data Sheet
Helenalin 500 ug AG-CN2-0435-C500 Data Sheet
Helenalin 1 mg AG-CN2-0435-M001 Data Sheet
Heliquinomycin 250 ug AG-CN2-0091-C250 Data Sheet
Heliquinomycin 500 ug AG-CN2-0091-C500 Data Sheet
Hellebrin 1 mg AG-CN2-0475-M001 Data Sheet
Hellebrin 5 mg AG-CN2-0475-M005 Data Sheet
Heptelidic acid 250 ug AG-CN2-0118-C250 Data Sheet
Heptelidic acid 1 mg AG-CN2-0118-M001 Data Sheet
Herbimycin A 100 ug AG-CN2-0429-C100 Data Sheet
Herbimycin A 1 mg AG-CN2-0429-M001 Data Sheet
Herquline A 250 ug AG-CN2-0170-C250 Data Sheet
Herquline A 1 mg AG-CN2-0170-M001 Data Sheet
Hydroxychloroquine sulfate 1 g AG-CR1-3720-G001 Data Sheet
Hydroxychloroquine . sulfate 50 mg AG-CR1-3720-M050 Data Sheet
Hydroxychloroquine . sulfate 250 mg AG-CR1-3720-M250 Data Sheet
Hydroxyectoine 1 g AG-CN2-0392-G001 Data Sheet
Hydroxyectoine 10 g AG-CN2-0392-G010 Data Sheet
Hydroxyectoine 100 g AG-CN2-0392-G100 Data Sheet
Hydroxyectoine 1000 g AG-CN2-0392-GT01 Data Sheet
Hymenidin 1 mg AG-CN2-0503-M001 Data Sheet
Hyperforin . DCHA 500 ug AG-CN2-0008-C500 Data Sheet
Hyperforin . DCHA 1 mg AG-CN2-0008-M001 Data Sheet
Hypericin 1 mg AG-CN2-0449-M001 Data Sheet
Hypericin 5 mg AG-CN2-0449-M005 Data Sheet
Hypericin 10 mg AG-CN2-0449-M010 Data Sheet
IBMX 1 g AG-CR1-3512-G001 Data Sheet
IBMX 500 mg AG-CR1-3512-M500 Data Sheet
Ibrutinib 5 mg AG-CR1-3620-M005 Data Sheet
Ibrutinib 25 mg AG-CR1-3620-M025 Data Sheet
Ibudilast 10 mg AG-CR1-3738-M010 Data Sheet
Ibudilast 50 mg AG-CR1-3738-M050 Data Sheet
Ibudilast 250 mg AG-CR1-3738-M250 Data Sheet
ID-8 1 mg AG-CR1-3655-M001 Data Sheet
ID-8 5 mg AG-CR1-3655-M005 Data Sheet
ID-8 25 mg AG-CR1-3655-M025 Data Sheet
IHR-1 1 mg AG-CR1-3526-M001 Data Sheet
IHR-1 5 mg AG-CR1-3526-M005 Data Sheet
IHR-NAc 1 mg AG-CR1-3527-M001 Data Sheet
IHR-NAc 5 mg AG-CR1-3527-M005 Data Sheet
Ilimaquinone 100 ug AG-CN2-0038-C100 Data Sheet
Imatinib . mesylate 25 mg AG-CR1-3725-M025 Data Sheet
Imatinib . mesylate 100 mg AG-CR1-3725-M100 Data Sheet
Imatinib . mesylate 250 mg AG-CR1-3725-M250 Data Sheet
Imiquimod 100 mg AG-CR1-3569-M100 Data Sheet
Imiquimod 250 mg AG-CR1-3569-M250 Data Sheet
Imperatorin 1 mg AG-CN2-0084-M001 Data Sheet
Imperatorin 5 mg AG-CN2-0084-M005 Data Sheet
Imperatorin 25 mg AG-CN2-0084-M025 Data Sheet
Incensol 1 mg AG-CN2-0482-M001 Data Sheet
Incensol acetate 1 mg AG-CN2-0484-M001 Data Sheet
Indole-3-carbinol 5 g AG-CR1-3637-G005 Data Sheet
Indole-3-carbinol 500 mg AG-CR1-3637-M500 Data Sheet
INDY 5 mg AG-CR1-3665-M005 Data Sheet
INDY 25 mg AG-CR1-3665-M025 Data Sheet
Ingenol-3-angelate 1 mg AG-CN2-0012-M001 Data Sheet
Ingenol-3-angelate 5 mg AG-CN2-0012-M005 Data Sheet
Ingenol-5,20-acetonide 1 mg AG-CN2-0029-M001 Data Sheet
Ingenol-5,20-acetonide 5 mg AG-CN2-0029-M005 Data Sheet
Ionomycin (free acid) 1 mg AG-CN2-0416-M001 Data Sheet
Ionomycin (free acid) 5 mg AG-CN2-0416-M005 Data Sheet
Ionomycin . calcium salt 1 mg AG-CN2-0418-M001 Data Sheet
Ionomycin . calcium salt 5 mg AG-CN2-0418-M005 Data Sheet
IPTG (animal-free, dioxane-free) 1 g AG-CC1-0002-G001 Data Sheet
IPTG (animal-free, dioxane-free) 5 g AG-CC1-0002-G005 Data Sheet
IPTG (animal-free, dioxane-free) 25 g AG-CC1-0002-G025 Data Sheet
Isoliquiritigenin 10 mg AG-CN2-0459-M010 Data Sheet
Isoliquiritigenin 50 mg AG-CN2-0459-M050 Data Sheet
Isotretinoin 50 mg AG-CR1-3709-M050 Data Sheet
Isotretinoin 250 mg AG-CR1-3709-M250 Data Sheet
Itaconic acid [Itaconate] 1 g AG-CN2-0426-G001 Data Sheet
Itaconic acid [Itaconate] 5 g AG-CN2-0426-G005 Data Sheet
Itaconic acid 4-octyl ester [4-Octyl itaconate] 10 mg AG-CR1-3700-M010 Data Sheet
Itaconic acid 4-octyl ester [4-Octyl itaconate] 50 mg AG-CR1-3700-M050 Data Sheet
IWR-1-endo 5 mg AG-CR1-3581-M005 Data Sheet
IWR-1-endo 25 mg AG-CR1-3581-M025 Data Sheet
Ixazomib [MLN2238] 1 mg AG-CR1-3670-M001 Data Sheet
Ixazomib [MLN2238] 5 mg AG-CR1-3670-M005 Data Sheet
Ixazomib [MLN2238] 25 mg AG-CR1-3670-M025 Data Sheet
Ixazomib citrate [MLN9708] 1 mg AG-CR1-3671-M001 Data Sheet
Ixazomib citrate [MLN9708] 5 mg AG-CR1-3671-M005 Data Sheet
Ixazomib citrate [MLN9708] 25 mg AG-CR1-3671-M025 Data Sheet
Jak/Src Inhibitor 1 . hydrochloride 1 mg AG-CR1-3647-M001 Data Sheet
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