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1-hour Horse Meat Adulteration ELISA Test
 Lo scandalo della carne di cavallo ha provocato molti danni ed ai laboratori sono pervenute richieste di controlli di qualità, affidabili, rapidi e poco costosi. Un partner di Vinci-Biochem, ADI, ha introdotto un test basato su anticorpi che ha diversi vantaggi su quello basato dul DNA:
ADI’s 1-hour horse meat adulteration or contamination ELISA test is designed to test the ground beef or pig meat or horse (fresh or frozen) for the presence of horse meat. The kit is specifically formulated to be used in non-laboratory or field setting without the use the sophisticated lab equipment or personnel. The test provides a visual color (blue and yellow) or results recorded using ELISA reader to determine the % contamination.
Self-regulations, financial industry, meat industry, drug abuse by athletes or any other kind, is always prone to violations by a few but greedy exploiters. The exploitation is easier and more pronounced in the absence of an independent, quick and easy testing. The ongoing European 2013 horse meat adulteration of beef meat in Europe, once again, is the result of limited or no testing by the federal agencies. The scandal has results in huge financial losses by the meat suppliers due to recall of tainted beef products; the scandal has also damaged the trust of the consumers. The horse DNA test, currently in use, can only be performed by a very few expert laboratories; it is time consuming and very expensive. There are test results delays due to the collection, processing, and sending the samples to a few testing labs in Europe. There is an urgent need to develop a simple, rapid, and inexpensive test that can be performed at the grocery stores, meat packagers and the users of meat such as restaurants, fast food suppliers.

ADI, a biotech company in San Antonio, Texas, USA, has developed the first field test, 1-hour Horse Meat Adulteration ELISA Test, which detects the presence of horse meat-specific proteins in grounded or sliced meat samples from horse, pig/pork, cow/beef, cat, dog, chicken, human, and sheep/goat. The horse meat protein adulteration test can be performed at home, restaurant, grocery store, qualified laboratories or law enforcement agencies. Meat samples (uncooked, grounded) using as little as a single meat fragment of the size of pencil head can be used. Horse meat test kit has all necessary reagents and no sophisticated lab instruments are used. The test results are available in 1 hour with a visual blue yellow color development in supplied test strips; it detects the horse meat protein contamination at 0.0001% or less. It is also possible to get an approximate % meat adulteration in samples by comparing the samples with known reference horse meat samples with adulteration at 1, 10%, 50%, and 100%.
In comparison to horse DNA test, ADI’s 1-hour horse meat protein ELISA test is far superior due to the high sensitivity (1 part per million vs 1 part per 10,000), speed (1 hr Vs 2-3 days), effectiveness (process large # of samples) and cost ($5-15 per test vs $100-$300 for horse DNA test).

The availability of a rapid, sensitive, and inexpensive horse meat field test will help control the meat adulteration. Separate meat tests kits are also available to test the presence of pig, beef, chicken, goat, cat, dog meat proteins.

Key features of  1-Hour Horse Meat Adulteration ELISA test

- Kit contains all necessary critical reagents to complete the test in 1-hour with no lab equipment or instruments.
- Microwell ELISA test strips (24/48/96 wells), coated with proprietary antibodies to proteins found in horse meat
- Horse meat proteins Negative Control & Horse meat proteins positive controls
- Samples: Fresh or frozen meat grounded/sliced/patties(about 100 mg or a small meat fragment)
- The test produces blue/yellow color for positive samples.
- Sensitivity at 1 ppm (1 part per million) or 0.0001% (w/v).
- No interference from beef, pig, chicken, dog, cat, goat, sheep, mouse, rat and human meat proteins.
- Conveniently packaged in 24, 48 or 96 tests
- Kits are shipped at ambient or cold packages and stored at 4oC. Shelf life at least 6-months.
  Horse Meat Adulteration ELISA test
24 tests 48 tests 96 tests
1-hour Beef/Cow meat adulteration ELISA test (for beef or pig meat; ) 1 kit V3-BMT-24 V3-BMT-48 V3-BMT-96
1-hour Horse meat adulteration ELISA test (for beef or pig meat) 1 kit V3-HMT-24 V3-HMT-48 V3-HMT-96
1-hour Pig meat adulteration ELISA test (for beef or pig meat; 24 tests) 1 kit V3-PMT-24 V3-PMT-48 V3-PMT-96

Disposable yellow pipette tips (1-200 ul) for meat sample (1 box 96 tips) 1 pk V3-YPT96-1
Disposable yellow pipette tips (1-200 ul) for meat sample (1 box 96 tips) 1 pk V3-YPT96-1
Single channel mini-pipette (130 mm) set of 5 pipettes(5, 10, 20, 50, 100 ul), autoclavable (note: 1 free pipette of 25 ul included) 1 V3-SCMP-Set5
Single channel mini-pipette (130 mm) 50 ul, autoclavable 1 V3-SCMP-50
Single channel mini-pipette (130 mm) 5 ul, autoclavable 1 V3-SCMP-5
Single channel mini-pipette (130 mm) 25 ul, autoclavable 1 V3-SCMP-25
Single channel mini-pipette (130 mm) 20 ul, autoclavable 1 V3-SCMP-20
Single channel mini-pipette (130 mm) 100 ul, autoclavable 1 V3-SCMP-100
Single channel mini-pipette (130 mm) 10 ul, autoclavable 1 V3-SCMP-10
Disposable yellow pipette tips (1-200 ul) for meat sample (10 box 96 tips) 1 pk V3-YPT96-10
Meat sample spatulas (individually wrapped) 100/pk 1 pk V3-MSSW-100
Disposable Meat Sample Plastic tubes with caps (5 ml) (1000/pk) 1 pk V3-MST5-1000
Disposable Meat Sample Plastic tubes with caps (5 ml) (250/pk) 1 pk V3-MST5-250

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